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STEM League is an organization and community for students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Whether you are a traditional STEM student or someone interested in STEM we provide outside of the classroom opportunities to connect, engage and learn about STEM pathways and careers.


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The Dallas College STEM Institute made a big impact in my life. They gave us mentorship, and they had information about how to transfer to a university. It opened the golden door for me to reach my career goals. I appreciate the STEM Institute from the bottom of my heart.” Read Mai's story.
Photo of Mai Huynh, Ph.D.
Mai Huynh, Ph.D.
Biochemistry and Nanotechnology Researcher

Announcing the STEM Playbook!

This year the STEM League is launching a series of online skills trainings and professional development workshops for students to prepare for a career in STEM. Topics include: Realizing Your Potential, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Time Management, Communication, Conducting Research, Collaboration, Networking, Writing a STEM Resume and Finding the Right Fit.

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Fall 2021 Workshops

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What do we do?

Photo on our Field Trip to Southwest Airlines.
  • Field trips to local companies to experience STEM in the workplace 
  • Visits to local colleges and universities to learn about STEM programs and the transfer process 
  • Connect with STEM ambassadors, members, and alumni 
  • In-person and video chats with STEM students, professionals, and experts 
  • Professional development to help you build your resume and professional skills 
  • Campus meet ups and events across the District and beyond 
  • Activities such as STEM trivia nights and engineering challenges 
  • Keep you in the loop about STEM related scholarships, programs such as mINiTERN and TAMU Engineering Academy, and job opportunities 
  • Host an annual Dallas College STEM conference

Who is eligible to be a member of the Dallas College STEM League?

Dallas College students who are enrolled in six or more hours can join the STEM League. 


How do you become a member?

Our ambassador connecting with students!

It is simple! Click Apply, complete the short application, and then you will hear back from us within a few days.

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