Student Clubs and Organizations at Cedar Valley

​​​​​​Students interested in joining a student club or forming a new one should contact either the club advisor listed or the Office of Student Life (OSL). All student clubs must have the recognition of the OSL.​

Student Clubs and Organizations

To exemplify the importance and excellence of the Black/African American heritage and desire to bring forth unity amongst the student body and all organizations as a whole.

Contact: Lathera Addison, 972-860-8240

To provide professional business acumen to business students who aspire to be leaders in our society.

Contact: Nikki Ceaser-Small

To lead students to personal faith in Jesus Christ, to help them grow as disciples and to equip them for a life of ministry to others.

Contact: Fred Osei, 972-860-8172

To cultivate the college community and neighboring society by sharing, promoting and developing appreciation for all genres of music.

Contact: Cassi Southerland, 972-860-8229; Kathryn Brown, 972-860-8229

To provide a space and group to play various electronic, board, card, and dice-based games. Students will learn teamwork, strategy, critical thinking and most importantly have fun.

Contact: Bianca Cortez

G-Force Club members' objectives are to develop projects to support students and parents that a college education is possible and obtainable.

Contact: Fidel Guevara, 972-860-8084

To spread awareness of environmental issues by being involved in the community. Also to engage students to participate in events that help people understand and act more about environmental issues.

Contact: Maria Boccalandro, 972-860-5204

To Share and inform all aspects of the professional medical field.

Contact: Mari Brock, Jennifer Siemantel, Clayton Hancock, Jessica Guerrero

To enrich student lives by promoting the greatness of Hispanic/Latin culture, heritage, and traditions.

Contact: Gerardo Vega

To participate in self-government through a democratic process, practice the fundamentals of citizenship and civic responsibility, develop qualities of leadership, and promote an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals. Learn more about Phi Theta Kappa (PTK).

Contact: Edward Stith, 972-860-8057; Rebekah Rios-Harris, 972-860-8294; Tommy Thompson, 972-860-8272

To increase/promote literary awareness of and an appreciation for various literary genres. To express reality through written and spoken word.

Contact: Rebekah Rios-Harris, 972-860-8294

To bring Sociology to Cedar Valley in a fun and educational networking environment for all students.

Contact: Sangeeta Sinha, 972-860-5218

Students selected to serve as Ambassadors will represent Cedar Valley during high school outreach, campus tours, official college functions, community activities, conferences, new student orientation, and special campus events. Learn more about Student Ambassadors.

Contact: Fidel Guevara, 972-860-8084

To serve and voice the needs of the students by acting as a liaison between the student body and the faculty/administration. Learn more about Student Government Association (SGA).

Contact: Miyoshi Holmes, 972-860-5216

To promote the profession of veterinarian technology, interact with the community and provide a social organization for our students.

Contact: Melanie Hollis, Marisa Rhyne, Sarra Lord​​