​​​​​​​​The Dallas College Honors Program is a specialized program of study specifically designed to offer an enriched and challenging academic environment. S​tudents in the Honors Program are exposed to higher levels of learning through three themes: expertise, responsibility and community.

The Honors Program provides highly qualified students with an opportunity to develop the capabilities necessary to excel in their personal, educational and career goals.

Benefits/Features of the Program

  • Small class sizes that foster in-depth discussion
  • Coursework involving research, independent inquiry, project-based learning, creative expression, service-learning and other kinds of experiential learning
  • Special events and programs
  • Access to Honors Lounges
  • Recognition on transcripts and diploma for Honors Program Scholars
  • A certificate and designation on the commencement program for Honors Certificate students
  • Staff dedicated to your success


“After becoming an Honors student, I noticed classes were filled with students with aspirations to create something bigger than themselves. This energy helped me stay motivated and energetic throughout all my years at Dallas College. Lastly, I was exposed to resources from other students I did not have. In the end, it gave me the extra reach to ensure I can continue my dream in this country.”
– Ferdinando Castro, Honors and international student

“One of the major benefits students gain by participating in the Honors Program is exposure. Engaging in additional activities to help facilitate your learning offers something you do not get by attending a non-Honors course. Learning via textbook is one thing; however, being able to apply the textbook knowledge to real-world phenomena is different. Exposure is everything when it comes to learning, and in some instances, the experience through exposure provides much more hands-on learning than traditional classroom learning.”
– Dr. Fitten, Honors professor

“One of the best reasons to participate in Honors is the relationships you gain with your fellow Honors students and your professors. Honors classes are smaller, so you have more time to get to know the professor and your classmates, and everyone there chose to take an Honors class, so you already have something in common.”
– Dr. Baggett, Honors professor

Questions About the Honors Program

Please go to Apply to the Honors Program for a list of frequently asked questions and other information to get you started.​


To learn more or to set up a time to meet with the Honors Program team, please email us at honors@DallasCollege.edu.

Dallas College Honors is a member of the Great Plains Honors Council, the National Collegiate Honors Council and the European Honors Council.