Student Clubs and Organizations at El Centro

Students interested in joining a student club or forming a new one should either contact the club advisor listed or the Office of Student Engagement and Retention. All stude​nt clubs must be officially recognized by the Office of Student Engagement and Retention.

Student Clubs and Organizations

To promote the field of biology to the students of El Centro.

Contact: Robin Graham, 214-860-2268

To promote alternatives to better the college campus at El Centro.

Contact: Maggie Lopez, 214-860-2015; Bethan Salle, 214-860-2734

To have educational and social events for students in fashion design and fashion marketing, allowing exposure to industry professional, field trips and guest speakers.

Contact: Brenda Carlson, 214-860-2344; Carmen Carter, 214-860-2721; Emmanuel Tobias, 214-860-2379

To celebrate and recognize academic achievement of two-year college students and provided opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders. Learn more about Phi Theta Kappa.

Contact: Eduardo Moralez, 214-860-2676; Kendra Harrison, 214-860-2258; Monica Medina, 214-860-1438; Myisha Coleman, 214-860-2707

Empowering the development of academic and social advancement of female students.

Contact: Maggie Lopez, 214-860-2015; Myisha Coleman, 214-860-2707

To enhance and elevate technical training through completion while including leadership training to prepare our students to be job ready-day one.

Contact: Sheila Hyde, 214-860-2209; Swee Goh, 214-860-2203

To play and understand the videogame industry.

Contact: Maggie Lopez, 214-860-2015

To provide opportunities for academic, cultural, social and recreational experiences through group programs and activities for sonography students and faculty.

Contact: Lynn Schluns, 972-860-5053; Pam Crawford, 972-860-5055

Expose students interested in STEM subjects to career/transfer pathways, internship, scholarship and fellowship.

Contact: Myisha Coleman, 214-860-2707

To develop professional responsibility as it pertains to the dental hygiene profession and promote oral health through community service and fundraising projects.

Contact: Sheila Vandenbush, 214-860-2301; Donna Wicker, 214-860-2308

Promote the development of students' skills in leadership, program organization, promotion, communication, initiative, and self-reliance. Learn more about Student Government Association (SGA).

Contact: Shaneé Moore, 214-860-2138

To involve nursing students in the student organizations and give out information regarding nursing.

Contact: Carol Johns, 214-860-972-860-5026; Patty Melton, 972-860-5035

To inspire, motive and share creative ideas writing ideas.

Contact: Kathleen Woodhouse, 214-860-2039

To foster continued interest in the visual art through guest speakers, workshops and field trips.

Contact: Jill Foltz, 214-860-2434; Omar Hernandez, 214-860-2456