Student Clubs and Organizations at Richland


For more information, contact the advisor listed or the Office of Student Life.

Student Clubs and Organizations

A group of students that gather to discuss the religions of the world and to study the Christian Bible. Students of any faith or lack of faith are welcome.

Contact: Terah Coffman

A group of volunteer students that get together weekly to have conversations with international english as second language students or students that need to practice their conversational english.

Contact: Sherry Dean

A non-denominational campus ministry that acts as a community for students on campus. Purpose is to build community and push the students to serve the campus around them.

Contact: Sirak Asfaw

A group of students that are interested in fashion.

Contact: Kimberly Blevins,

The purpose is to create a better environment for learning and growing for dedicated college students.

Contact: Mary Wood

To promote and support historical awareness by offering programs and activities.

Contact: Ambronita Douzart

Aims to help participants develop personal & leadership skills, as well as, help achieve their individual, career and academic goals. Learn more about Male Achievement Program (MAP).

Contact: Marco Price

The purpose is for the organization of Friday prayers and to spread awareness of Islam.

Contact: Henna Ahmed

To recognize academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders.

Contact: Jon Ewing

To engage in philosophical discussions.

Contact: Geoff Manzi

The purpose is to create a gathering of Richland students to play board games and tabletop games.

Contact: Stephen Kallenberg

The purpose of students elected for SGA is to uphold Richland students’ rights, needs, and interests, ensure academic freedom and responsibility, further educate and provide student leadership and community service opportunities, encourage cooperation and communication between RLC students, faculty, administration and other RLC campus organizations while encouraging participation from the student body and serve as a primary voice for the needs of all students. Learn more about Student Government Association

Contact: Kelly Sonnanstine

The purpose is to educate and encourage students to make a difference in the school and community by engaging in sustainability activities. To learn, teach, cultivate and grow together in sustainability and other effects within in the environment. To use the knowledge, creativity and skills acquired in academic settings to make necessary changes for a greater tomorrow.

Contact: Tara Urbanski

The purpose is to reach and grow a rising generation of young leaders for the transformation of the world by building community and relationships, promoting faith development, helping students use their gifts and serve alongside their neighbors.

Contact: Anita Jones

The purpose is to empower and support female students in creating a strong academic foundation upon which to build lifelong success. Learn more about Women's Empowerment Network (WEN).

Contact: Cheyenne Murray