Electioneering and Dallas College

Polling Location

If you are a registered voter in Dallas County, you may vote early at Dallas College locations.


Electioneering means to advocate or campaign in any way for the support or defeat of a particular candidate for political office or of a particular ballot item at issue in an election, and includes the posting, use or distribution of political signs or literature, including flyers.

Electioneering Guidelines

All those engaging in electioneering at a Dallas College location on behalf of self, a candidate or a ballot proposition must abide by the following guidelines:

  • As provided by state law, electioneering may not occur within 100 feet of the designated polling location.
  • Electioneering will be permitted in specifically defined areas adjacent to the polling location, close to the 100 foot marked “no electioneering zone.”
  • No person is allowed to electioneer outside of the designated areas; within the 100 feet of the “no electioneering zone,” as prescribed by state law; or inside or directly in front of the entrance to any Dallas College building entrance.
  • Electioneering may only occur only during the times the polling place is open.
  • Electioneering signs may be erected in the designated electioneering areas beginning 24-hours before the voting period, but must be removed within 24 hours after the voting period ends. 
  • Posting or affixing signs or other electioneering materials on walls, windows, grounds, planters, doors trees, sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, benches, poles, fixtures or any other equipment or surface, except where specifically authorized, is strictly prohibited.
  • Campaign posters and flyers may be distributed or posted by Dallas College students, faculty or staff in accordance with the restrictions outlined above. However, no Dallas College employee or student may engage in electioneering during work hours, nor may they utilize college resources, including equipment, supplies or services, for electioneering purposes.