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​Dallas College Media Services

Cameras and a green screen are shown in a LeCroy Studio.

Dallas College Media Services is a professional video production unit based at the LeCroy Center of Dallas College. The unit provides a variety of production services for Dallas College campuses, departments and faculty, as well as for nonprofit community organizations. 

State-of-the-art digital high definition production equipment is utilized for single-camera and multi-camera location shoots at the seven college campuses and in the 1,200 square-foot studio located at the LeCroy Center.

Post-production services are available in one of the five professional editing suites equipped with Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut systems, providing flexibility for editors and producers. 

Media Services also operates DCTV, Dallas College’s cable television channel. Programming is available online is also broadcast to the community by Dallas County cable providers Time-Warner Cable, Verizon FIOS and AT&T Uverse.

LeCroy Creative Studios

LeCroy Creative Studios with illustrations from various videos

LeCroy Creative Studios offers a spectrum of services designed to engage, educate and entertain through storytelling by leveraging animation, scripted video, promotional media and brand development.

  • Video/animation production support services — creating videos, graphics, images and animations with concept development, content and final product
  • Virtual reality tour designs
  • Produce professional development workshops, live productions, webinars
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Studio Rental

Production Studio

Dallas College Media Services’ primary studio is a 1,200 square-foot broadcast studio facility located at the LeCroy Center. 

The studio is outfitted with three high definition cameras with teleprompter screens; a 48/96 light board that controls the ceiling grid; and a control room with digital switcher, multiple camera/program monitors, Chyron graphics generator and phone bridge support. 

The audio control room utilizes a state-of-the-art ProTools audio board with 16 inputs/16 outputs, fully capable of multiple presets. Master control provides stations for a video engineer and a tape engineer, with program signals recorded to digital files on Sony DVCAM EX record decks. The studio is also ideal for single camera productions shot in “film style.”

Instructor Studio

Studio C is a small, self-contained studio for individual faculty recordings. It’s ideal for faculty who like to create video files for their courses. 

A primary camera with teleprompter is provided, along with a document camera to handle close-ups from books, artwork, or individual documents. 

PowerPoints, Keynotes or additional video files can be incorporated from a laptop connected to the system. And of course, Media Services personnel are available to work with faculty during the session to ensure a quality production.