Learn About Texas Senate Bill 25 (SB25)

​​Dallas College is dedicated to facilitating the successful transfer of students in and out of the various​ universities, helping students’ complete degrees in an affordable and timely manner, and removing barriers that stand in their way.

We also work to improve transfer student success and experiences, paying  close attention to student experiences, data, and outcomes; better advising; partnerships with community colleges; and helping students feel like they belong at their transfer destination. ​

About SB25

Designed to facilitate transfer, academic progress, and timely graduation of Texas students in public higher education, major components of SB25 include: reporting by colleges and universities on credit and courses not accepted for transfer at universities; filing of degree plans by students at certain milestones; publication of course sequences and articulation agreements; and a study of the core curriculum and meta-majors culminating in a report with reco​mmendations to the legislature. 

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is charged with determining processes and mechanisms for how the bill will be implemented.​