CEO Summary Data Report

U​nder the Texas Education Code, Section 51.253(a), the Lead Title IX Coordinator is required to submit a written report no less than every three months to the institution’s Chief Executive Officer regarding reports received from employees who are required to report under Texas Education Code, Section 51.252, and the type of incident described in the employee’s report: “sexual harassment,” “sexual assault,” “dating violence,” or “stalking,” (collectively, “Sexual Misconduct”) as defined in Texas Education Code, Section 51.251, and any disciplinary actions taken in response to a false or an employee’s failure to report, as required under TEC, Section 51.255 as adopted by the 86th Texas Legislature effective September 2019.

The Dallas College Reporting Schedule per academic year is provided below:

Fourth Quarter: June 1, 2023 – September 30, 2023

For the purposes of complying with the reporting requirements under TEC, Section 51.253(c), the attached Summary Data Report1 includes all of information required for reporting under law and collected during the 2021-2022 academic year, inclusive of the time beginning June 1, 2023 – September 30, 2023. The Summary Data Report is categorized based on TEC, Section 51.253(c) reporting requirements. As the reports received may be applicable in multiple reporting categories, the summary data totals may not equal the totals number of reports received.

Note: Any reports received that do not meet applicable reporting criteria have been omitted from the Summary Data Report.

CEO Summary Data Report

June 1, 2023 – September 30, 2023

Texas Education Code, Section 51.2522

Number of reports received under Section 51.2523

Number of confidential reports received4

Number of investigations in process and/or conducted under Section 51.252




Disposition5 of any disciplinary processes for reports under Section 51.252:

a. Concluded, No Finding of Sexual Misconduct Policy Violation6

b. Concluded, with Employee Disciplinary Sanction

c. Concluded, with Student Disciplinary Sanction






Number of reports under Section 51.252 for which the institution determined not to initiate a disciplinary process7



1 When identifiable, duplicate reports were consolidated and counted as one report in the summary data, and confidential employee reporting is noted as a sub-set to the total number of reports received.

2 No finding of sexual misconduct policy violation, but conduct found to be in violation of other applicable Dallas College policies.

3 Reports made by students and all other non-employees (including incidents under 3.5(d)(3)) are excluded from the total number of reports received. Additionally, if a Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator determines the type of incident described in a report, as alleged, does not constitute “sexual harassment,” “sexual assault,” “dating violence,”” stalking” as defined in the TEC Section 51.251, the report is excluded from the total number of reports received. It is the responsibility of the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator to assess each report received and determine whether it is properly included in this report, and if so, to correctly identify the type of incident.

4 The “Number of confidential reports” is a subset of the total number of reports received by a confidential employee or office (e.g., Counseling center, Student Health Center, or a Victim Advocate).

5 “Disposition” means “final result under the institution’s disciplinary process” as defined by 19 TAC 3.6€. Pending disciplinary processes will not be listed unless or until final result is rendered.

6 “No Finding of a Sexual Misconduct Violation” refers to instances where there is no finding of responsibility after a hearing or an appeal process. Investigations complete with a preponderance of evidence not met are excluded from the report, as such investigations would not have moved forward into a disciplinary process.

7 Dallas College may have determined not to initiate a disciplinary process. The reasons for not initiating a disciplinary can include, however not limited to: respondent was not affiliated with Dallas College; complainant requested the institution not investigate the report; informal resolution was completed; investigation is ongoing; or investigation was completed with a preponderance of evidence not met.​​