Examples of Sexual Misconduct

Here are a few examples of behavior that would be considered either sexual misconduct and/or violations of the sexual misconduct policy. Please note that these examples are not all-inclusive and are provided as an educational and preventive tool.

  1. Terry repeatedly sends graphic, sexually oriented jokes and pictures around campus via social media to several other students. Many don’t find it funny and ask him to stop, but he does not. Because of these jokes, one student avoids Bill on campus and in the same English class that both have, eventually asking to move to a different class and/or dropping a class they had together.

    Terry has violated Dallas College’s Sexual Misconduct policy. It is likely that college decision-makers would find the sexually graphic jokes and pictures to the point that the student changes classes or drops as a direct result unacceptable.

  2. Amanda and Bill meet at an event sponsored by a college student organization. They spend the evening dancing and getting to know each other. Bill convinces Amanda to come to his car at the event. From 11 p.m. until 3 a.m., Bill uses every line he can think of to talk Amanda into having sex with him, but she firmly refuses. He keeps at her and begins to question her religious beliefs. He even accuses her of being “a prude.” Finally, Bill thinks he has worn Amanda down, and he convinces her to give him a “hand job” (hand to genital contact). Amanda would never have done it if Bill hadn’t kept pushing her. He feels that he successfully seduced her and that she wanted to do it all along but was playing shy and hard to get. Why else would she agree to get in his car? If she really didn’t want it, she could have left.

    Bill has violated Dallas College’s Sexual Misconduct policy. It is likely that college decision-makers would find the degree and duration of the pressure Bill applied to Amanda unreasonable. Bill pressured Amanda into performing unwanted sexual touching. Where sexual activity is coerced, it is forced. Sex (including sexual touching) without consent is sexual misconduct. Although the misconduct occurred off campus, it is still subject to the Sexual Misconduct policy as it was a college student organization event and may have an ongoing effect on the college environment.

  3. Chris and Dave have been together for six months. Chris often tells friends stories of Dave’s sexual prowess and decides to prove it to them. One afternoon in an empty restroom on campus, Chris and Dave engage in consensual intercourse. Without Dave’s knowledge, Chris sets up a digital camera to videotape them having sex. The next evening, Chris uploads the video to an online video-sharing site and discusses it with friends online.

    This is a form of sexual exploitation and is a violation of the Sexual Misconduct policy. Dave’s consent to engage in sexual intercourse with Chris did not extend consent to videotape it.

  4. Ana filed a complaint alleging that after she broke up with Jeff, Jeff began stalking her. Jeff told friends about the complaint, and several of them have launched a campaign against Ana on social media threatening to harm her and the witnesses supporting her if she does not drop the complaint.

    The conduct by Jeff’s friends qualifies as retaliation and is a violation of the Sexual Misconduct policy.