Protection for Pregnant and Parenting Persons

​​​​In accordance with state and federal laws, Dallas College prohibits discrimination on the basis of a person's parenting o​r pregnancy or status, including false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, childbirth or recovery from any of these conditions. In addition, Dallas College does not exclude or limit the participation of pregnant or parentings students on those bases.

Dallas College will provide students and employees reasonable accommodations due to pregnancy or parenting needs, including but not limited to excused absences, changes in the work environment, o​​r alternative participation options. Dallas College also provides a parenting liaison who helps parenting students find essential resources, including childcare.

To request an accommodation, please contact:

To work with a parenting liaison, please contact:

  • Students: Student Care Network - Complete the Student Care Form and write in the text box that you wish to speak to the parenting liaison.

Questions regarding pregnancy and parenting and Title IX may be directed to:

LaShawn Grant
Institutional Equity and Compliance Officer &
Lead Title IX Coordinator
1601 South Lamar St, Dallas, TX  75215
(214) 378-1633