Dallas College Innovation Report

T​his Innovation Report​ highlights Dallas College’s many initiatives to further its mission to transform lives and communities through higher education. The innovative strategies detailed in these pages are geared toward ensuring student success and meeting the labor needs of the region.

Dallas College is in the barrier-busting business—removing obstacles that may challenge a student’s ability to stay in college. This starts with an innovative Learner Care approach designed to empower students to reach self-actualization while being supported by a strong network of services.

Dallas College’s industry partnerships have led to apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeships and co-op programs to allow students to learn while they earn. Its teacher residency apprenticeship program was recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as the first such program in Texas. Students also enter these talent pipelines through health care, culinary arts, construction trades, and other fields.

Industry partnerships help the college identify and target key labor needs in the region. By utilizing the Dallas College Labor Market Intelligence Center, Employer Resource Center and Research Institute, Dallas College ensures its programs and training align to local workforce needs. Using a sector strategy, it connects communities with business and industry partners to address industry-specific workforce requirements.

With the support of Dallas College Foundation, the college provides access to higher education for underserved communities who might not otherwise have that opportunity. As a leader in dual credit programs, Dallas College partners with nearly 200 high schools, providing higher education access to 30,000 students.

From the youngest learners to the broader business community, Dallas College truly has programs for everyone. Dallas College Academic Incubator and Small Business Innovation Cultivator offer resources, networking and education to enable the growth of entrepreneurship and small businesses in the region. Dallas College has training centers strategically located in high-demand areas of the county that serve nontraditional students and provide a direct talent pipeline to meet local business and industry demands.

As Dallas College continues building its capabilities with new programs and facilities throughout Dallas County, it is driven toward fostering a culture of innovation that yields a tangible impact on student success, workforce development and economic growth.