Research Agenda

Research Agenda: Spring/Summer 2024

  • Dual Credit: Impact on long-term academic and workforce outcomes of Dallas-area high school grads
  • Socio-Economic Mobility: Earnings outcomes & economic threshold attainment within and across race/ethnicity
  • 2- to 4- Year Transfer: Outcomes in North Texas, including by concurrent work/enrollment status
  • Strategic Data Project Fellowship, Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University: Institutional assessment protocol for student value and return on investment
  • Wage Outcomes & Credentials of Value: Student earnings before and after Dallas College, by academic program
  • Intergenerational Effects of a Dallas College Education: Analysis of how a Dallas College education affects long-term socioeconomic mobility within families
  • Student Application Model & “Melt“ Study: Predictive enrollment management model and complementary qualitative study
  • Retention Modeling: A new fall-to-spring retention model for first-time-in-college (FTIC) students
  • Native American Students at Dallas College: Qualitative data from student interviews in 2023 will help inform more formalized relationships with Tribal governments and non-profits serving Native students
  • Dallas College Alumni: Outcomes of transfer students and qualitative data from the Strada Alumni Survey (by Schools) on how Dallas College can best support alumni

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Research Agenda updated January 11, 2024