Sustainable Purchasing

Healthy and Environmentally Preferable Products and Services

Environmentally preferable products and services have a reduced negative effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose. We prefer to work with companies and suppliers who will help us progress on our journey toward sustainability.

We utilize standards from industry and recommend standards-making organizations for environmentally preferable products.

Certified products by industry standards and organizations

  • Architectural and Engineering Services (Preferred experience with USGBC-LEED)
  • ASTM Standards for Environmental and Green Products
  • Bio-based Materials (75% minimum content, ASTM D 6866)
  • Building Systems and Components (ASHRAE High Performance Building and Sustainability Standards 189.1, and/or Energy Star)
  • Carpet and Flooring (50% Recycled Content, Cradle to Cradle Certified or NSF 140 SCE Certified)
  • Chemical Products and Cleaning Products (85% VOC Limit, Green Seal GS-42 for Cleaning Products)
  • Construction of New Buildings (International Green Construction Standards 2015)
  • Electronics, Computers, Printers, and Related Equipment (E-PEAT and/or Energy Star certified)
  • Energy Efficiency Equipment and Systems (International Energy Conservation Code 2015, Energy Star certified and/or UL Environment certified)
  • Electricity Purchasing (Preferred Green-e certified RECs)
  • Food Service and Catering (Recycling and/or Zero Waste options, Local, Organic and/or Dietary options, Sustainable and/or Fair Trade options)
  • Furniture (Green Guard, Cradle to Cradle Certified or NSF 336 Certified)
  • HVAC (Indoor Air Quality Management Plan required for all new construction)
  • Lighting, LED lighting or CFL lighting is preferred (UL 1993, UL 8750)
  • Paints and Architectural Coatings (85% VOC Limit, Green Seal certified)
  • Paper and Paper Products (Forest Stewardship Council Mix or higher)
  • Roofing (PVC with minimum R-value of R-25 and Energy Star certified)
  • Wood and Wood Products (SFI and/or FSC certified)

If your company offers environmentally preferred products or services not listed, please reference industry product certifications listed in the EPA Sustainable Marketplace Environmental Preferred Purchasing resources, Eco-Labels and Environmental Specifications Guide, and please contact to our Sustainability Office at and Procurement Department at

Our comparisons of products/services will consider the following evaluation criteria:

  • Does your company have a public environmental or sustainability commitment?
  • Does your company have one or more sustainability initiatives, in equity, economy or environment?
  • Does your company offer any products with environmental certifications, eco-labels, or other sustainability certifications?
  • Does your company publish numerical sustainability targets?
  • Does your company report on your pollution or emissions impact?
  • Is the sustainable product or service of similar cost, quality and durability?
  • What is the total cost of ownership or life cycle cost of the product or service?
  • Does the price of the product include environmentally responsible disposal and/or take-back programs (recyclable)?
  • Will the product/service help Dallas College to conserve resources, enhance operational efficiency and/or reduce pollution?
  • Is the product from local sources less than 500 miles away?