Sustainable Purchasing

​​Dallas College is committed to purchasing sustainable goods and services that are good for equity, the economy, and the environment.

Dallas College is committed to sustainable purchasing

  • We comply with local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations
  • We actively promote and participate in conservation and pollution prevention activities
  • We continuously integrate process improvements in our operations
  • We purchase environmentally responsible goods and services
  • We educate other Dallas College departments on how to make sustainable purchases

Sustainability is a shared responsibility

Our partnerships with contractors, vendors, consultants directly affect Dallas College’s sustainability performance and our ability to:

  • improve equity
  • enhance the economy
  • protect the environment and
  • comply with environmental laws and regulations

The contractors, vendors or consultants we select are responsible for knowing and complying with the environmental protection laws, ordinances and regulations which apply to the work you do for Dallas College.

We prefer to purchase healthy, environmentally preferable products

Environmentally preferable products and services have a lesser or reduced negative effect on human health and the environment when compared to competing products or services that serve the same purpose.

Dallas College uses the following six criteria to identify environmentally preferable products and services. (Your product or service will be counted as an environmentally preferable product if you meet at least one of the criteria.)

  1. Does your business or product have an environmental equity or sustainability certification? If yes, what is the certification?
  2. Will the business service or product reduce energy and/or water user of the college?
  3. Will the business service or product reduce or eliminate pollution and/or emissions?
  4. Will the business service or product offer recycled content or recycling options?
  5. Is your business and/or product options located within 500 miles of Dallas College campuses and locations?
  6. Does your business purchase or generate renewable energy?

We rely on industry standards and the non-profit organizations that develop them to help us identify environmentally preferable products.


If your company offers environmentally preferred products or services not listed, please refer to the industry product certifications listed in the EPA Sustainable Marketplace Environmental Preferred Purchasing resources, Eco-Labels and Environmental Specifications Guide.

For more information about sustainable pu​​rchasing at Dallas College, contact:

​Dallas College Sustainable Procurement Advisory Council (SPAC)

Dallas College launched a new advisory group of college leaders and staff called the Sustainable Procurement Advisory Council (SPAC). The SPAC is led by leaders and staff from:

The SPAC meets quarterly to discuss learning and resources need to help inform departments about opportunities for environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP).​