Renew Texas 2025 Requirements

Organizations that choose to take the pledge must agree to the following:

To use electricity that is generated from 100% renewable resources in all their operations. This can be done by:

  • Generating electricity on-site using renewable resources (solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal);
  • Participating in a renewable energy aggregation with other organizations;
  • Purchasing renewable electricity from a retail electric provider;
  • Purchasing renewable energy credits (RECS); alternatively, using verifiable carbon sequestration, capture and/or offsets to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions from electricity consumption;
  • Some combination of the options above.

Promote the benefits of the use of 100% renewable energy to their students and employees through awareness campaigns during Earth month (April).

How to Participate

  1. Print out the pledge form.
  2. Have your president/CEO/chancellor sign the form. We recommend conducting a brief signing ceremony and photo shoot with students and college/university personnel, so that you can later:
    1. Distribute the information to students/employees/donors via your portal or newsletters. (Send us the link so we can include the story on this website also.)
    2. Share the information with your local chambers of commerce.
  3. Mail a copy of the signed pledge to: