Sustainable Solutions

Dallas College uses the following sustainability teaching and learning tools:

Project Drawdown

Project Drawdown logo

Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. It was created by a coalition of scholars, scientists, entrepreneurs and advocates from across the globe. They are mapping, measuring, modeling and communicating about a set of substantive solutions to global warming. What they uncovered is a path forward that can roll back global greenhouse gas emissions within thirty years. The research revealed that humanity has the means and techniques at hand. Nothing new needs to be invented, yet many more solutions are coming due to purposeful human ingenuity. The solutions we modeled are in place and in action. Humanity’s task is to accelerate the knowledge and growth of what is possible as soon as possible.


Regeneration logo

Regeneration is a response to the urgency of the climate crisis, a determined what-to-do manual for all levels of society, from individuals to national governments and everything and everyone in between. It describes a system of interlocking initiatives that can stem the climate crisis in one generation.

The Carbon Almanac

 Carbon Almanac logo

The Carbon Almanac is a collaboration between hundreds of writers, researchers, thinkers, and illustrators. It’s built to share and rich with essays, graphs, cartoons, tables, and resources, the Almanac provides credible and authoritative information on carbon and its impact on the climate that is easy to access and share, and that people like us can understand. There’s also a free, downloadable Educator’s Guide.

17 Sustainable Development Goals

SDG logo

Also known as the 17 SDGs, the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals offer a shared global vision for achieving true sustainability.

They provide:

  • A framework within which countries, organizations and individuals can voluntarily establish their own sub-goals, targets, programs and initiatives to support the overarching global goals
  • A common language for communication
  • Opportunities for partnerships and collaborations to achieve the goals

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software

Esri's ArcGIS software allows employees and students to map data quickly and easily to make it easier to visualize sustainability-related challenges. When people can “see” the problem, it enhances their ability to conceptualize solutions.