Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for an orientation session?

All students attending college for the first time are expected to attend an on-campus orientation session. Students can register for an orientation session on the Dallas College Orientation website.

How do I request accommodations for orientation?

Accommodations for in-person orientation can be requested on the registration form when students sign up for their orientation session. If you would like to speak with someone regarding your detailed request, please email Meighan Burke, Director of New Student Orientation, at

Why should I attend New Student Orientation?

All new students are expected to attend orientation. Attending New Student Orientation is a crucial step in your transition to Dallas College as it provides essential information about Dallas College’s academic standards, policies and resources.

You’ll gain insights into what it takes to succeed in your courses, discover resources that will help you connect to your career and find ways to participate in college life outside the classroom. Orientation also allows you to meet fellow students, form friendships and build a supportive network. These connections can enhance your overall college experience.



If you have other questions about New Student Orientation, email