Frequently Asked Questions

C​an I study for the TSI assessment?

Yes, there are official study guide options available free of charge through the ACCUPLACER websiteThe ACCUPLACER website features practice questions and other study tools to help you prepare for the TSI assessment. You can also login to take the Texas version of a web-based practice test to familiarize yourself with the tests three different content areas.

How long does the TSI assessment take?

The TSI assessment is not a timed test. The average time to complete all three sections of the test is three to five hours.

What do I need to bring with me to the test?

  • Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity prior to requesting a testing referral.
  • Complete the eConnect Dallas College Testing Referral Form online
  • Whether testing in the testing centers or online, you will need to show your government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID or high school ID to the test center.
    You must present the actual ID, not a copy or photo on a phone.

Can I bring a calculator to the test?

No. Calculators are not allowed. Additionally, no study materials or other reference materials may be used during the test. Cell phones and all other communication devices are strictly prohibited in the testing room.

When will I get my scores?

The TSI assessment is scored immediately upon completion. You'll be given an unofficial copy of scores via email.

How do I interpret my scores?

Your college advisor can assist you with interpreting your scores.

What’s a passing TSI score?

The format of your scores depends on when you took the TSI. Score reporting changed Jan. 11, 2021, with the new TSIA test.

Minimum Passing TSI Standards

The college will use the following minimum passing standards to determine a student's readiness to enroll in freshman-level academic coursework. Scores are valid for five years from the date of testing.

TSIA (Prior to Jan. 11, 2021)

State TSI Reading Standard
351 or above

State TSI Writing standard
A placement score of at least 340, and an essay score of at least 4, or a placement score of less than 340, and an ABE Diagnostic level of at least a 4, and an essay score of at least 5

State TSI Math standard
350 or above

TSIA2 (After Jan. 10, 2021)

English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) Standard

  • ELAR Score of 945+ AND Essay Score of 5 – 8
  • ELAR Score under 945 AND ELAR Diagnostic Level of 5 - 6 AND Essay Score of 5 - 8

TSIA2 Math Standard

  • 950+
  • Math Score Under 950 AND Math Diagnostic Level of 6

Can I take the TSI assessment again?

Yes, you may retest at any time upon availability. You will need to complete another test referral on eConnect and schedule your testing by appointment with the testing center. There is a retest fee of $10 per section.

Can I transfer my scores to another Texas college/university?

Yes. If you have taken a TSI assessment at Dallas College, other Texas public schools can access these scores if you provide the college name, your student ID and your date of birth. Private and out of state institutions would not have access to this database. Log into your Accuplacer/Student Portal and have the scores sent directly to those schools.

What happens if I do not pass the TSI?

You cannot pass or fail the TSI assessment. Based on how you perform, you may either enroll in:

  • College-level courses that match your skill level, or
  • College readiness courses or interventions to improve your skills and prepare you for success in college-level courses.