Dallas College 2019 Bond: Phase 2

Downtown Dallas Project

As Dallas College completes Phase I of its 2019 Bond Program, we now enter a new phase. 

The centerpiece is a maj​or downtown project.

Dallas College will be seeking real-time information directly from the vendor community regarding applicable industry standards, best practices, potential performance measures, cost structures or pricing methodologies, and feedback on innovative items.

Submit Your RFI Application

Have questions? Email DowntownProject@DallasCollege.edu.

Supporting Documents

Request for Information (RFI) Outline

  • The RFI is not a procurement opportunity.
  • Responses to an RFI voluntary.
  • The RFI cannot be used to establish a pre-qualified vendor list or disadvantage vendors that choose not to participate.
  • An agency may choose to use information received from RFI responses to develop specifications for a solicitation.
  • Responses to RFIs are subject to public information requests.
  • If RFI respondents are requested to deliver oral presentations, respondents will be offered the same amount of time to conduct their presentations.
  • The RFI activities will conclude prior to commencement of specifications drafting.

Next Steps

RFI Release

  • March 10, 2023

Request for Qualifications (RFQL) Phase

  • Used when services will be based on qualifications
  • Tentative Timeline: Release Fall 2023

Request for Proposals (RFP) Phase

  • This is the most formal of the “Request for" processes and has strict procurement rules for content, timeline and supplier responses
  • Tentative Timeline: Spring 2024


Dallas College is committed to ensuring accessibility of its digital technology and is actively working to increase the accessibility of this webpage and electronic documents. Should you experience any difficulty in accessing information on this webpage, please contact Lenora Reece at 214-378-1546 or at DowntownProject@DallasCollege.edu.