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​[Text On Screen]: Goldmans Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

​[Text On Screen]: Meet Edinson Arenas, Dallas, Texas, Azteca Mexican Candy

Edinson Arenas: We make candy because we like doing it.

We have fun doing it.

Our company is all about love and passion for what we are making.

I'm Edinson Arenas, owner of Azteca Mexican candy in Dallas, Texas.

Azteca Mexican Candy makes six different products here in Dallas and then we import some products.

We distribute 16 different candies to small restaurants, or taquerias, to supermarkets or street vendors.

When somebody takes a bite our of candy, what I want to give them is a childhood memory.

Almost everybody comes back to me saying I just remembered my grandma,

I just remembered my childhood and that's what I want, that's my goal.

>> My father left one day and he came back in the afternoon and he said, well here is the candy that we are going to start selling.

At that time, to be honest, not one of us believed that the thing was going to work.

We just learning about the processes and about the ingredients, about the food industry.

My father here, my mom here, my wife here.

We were all together all day long.

My father, at some point, he knew that it was the need for a change from the business.

One day he came over and he said, you know what?

It's all yours.

Before the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, I was just a guy running a business.

After the program, I understand that it's not just managing business.

It is making sure that the people that is with you, you need to understand them.

You need to know why they are working with you.

You need to know their needs.

It helped me grow as a person.

>> Hi.

>> The best thing about the program will be the people that you know, all the information they give you, that they share with you.

I met another small business owner, Nicole Smith.

She knows a lot of people in distribution.

So we start talking about the things that we can do.

We are about to start exporting our products to Columbia, so we will make a great partnership.


Our future is to have a new location, to get new equipment, to improve on processes, and that will open a lot of doors for us.