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Our team of facilitators, designers, project leads, publication specialists and subject matter experts offers multiple approaches, using tested models, to help you plan and find solutions. We offer background research and development, question modeling, problem framing, strategic priorities alignment, convening, facilitated strategic planning and more.

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Who We Are

Mary Brumbach

  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Visionary, Leader, Connector, Facilitator

Doris Rousey

  • Associate Chief
  • Leader, Designer, Facilitator, Researcher

Anthony Denning

  • Senior Director
  • Designer, Facilitator, Developer, Orator

Molly Salomon

  • Assistant Director
  • Designer, Facilitator, Session Manager, Collaborator

Chachi Gomez

  • Manager
  • Archive Organizer, Procurement Lead, Printer, Report Creator

Jordan K. Rousey

  • Technical Writer
  • Editor, Creator, Printer, QA, SME Technology