​​​​​​The Dallas College Venture Club (DCVC) is a coworking lab designed for both students and community members who are starting or running their own business. The shared office space provides access to technology, tools and educational resources that support entrepren​eurs a​​​t all levels of their growth journey. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to network with fellow​ entrepreneurs.

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The Venture Club is equipped with computers, owls (video co​nferencing), smart boards and high-speed internet.


We have the space for you webinar booths, conference room, event space, learning space and a podcast room.

Train and Network

Participate in programs, virtual and in-person events, classes, online resources and engage using our app.


The DCVC is housed at Dallas College’s Bill J. Priest Center, conveniently located in the Cedars neighborhood, less than two miles south of downtown. There is a free parking garage and easy access to every major interstate.

The DCVC lab is Dallas College’s responsibility within the Dallas Collaborative of Equitable Development, which includes The Real Estate Council, LiftFund and Dallas College.


Are you interested in joining our club?