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[Danielle Stellrecht]: Okay, we're going to go ahead and get started since it's nine o'clock and we've got a whole lot to cover There's been a really quick last-minute schedule change since Moy swallowed a frog overnight.

So, I'm gonna go ahead and kick off moderating for everyone so Everyone welcome.

Thank you for joining us this morning for the eighth installment of our train local grow global webinar series where we're sharing about the 50 plus services that Dallas College offers. Following up from Dallas Startup Week, we're going to keep the momentum going with this part one session called Tactical Resources for Grow Your Small Business.

So, Dallas Startup Week began in 2015 with the goal of orchestrating an entire week of entrepreneurial activities that equip encourage and educate Current and aspiring entrepreneurs to start build and grow their businesses. It's also created increased awareness and impact toward the entrepreneurial community across North Texas small business is the foundation of the economy They are 99% of all US businesses and are responsible for creating 66% of jobs over the last 25 years And Dallas College wants to see your small business grow. You can use these tactical resources and programming available through the college's supplier development, Goldman Sachs 10,000 KSB, and the North Texas small business development center network. Our small business programs can assist you at every stage of operations to achieve growth Critical to the success sustainability and resiliency of your business next.

So, my name is Danielle Stellrecht. I’m the senior director of economic impact strategy and relations and today I'm going to introduce you to three Dallas College presenters and later you'll be joined with one guest presenter as well So today starting with Jeanette Schutz

Jeanette joined Dallas College in 2021 as the senior director of supplier development and is responsible for the growth and management of the program Prior to that joining Dallas College Jeanette served as a minority business manager for Florida's turnpike enterprise where she grew supplier diversity spend from 32 million to 70 million across 10 years Born in Miami.

She holds a bachelor's degree in business administration a Master's in construction management from Florida International University and a master's in public administration from the University of Central, Florida Jeanette is also certified general contractor in the state of Florida with over 20 years of construction experience.

So next we have Mark Langford Mark has been the executive director of the North Texas small business development center network since 2011 prior to becoming the director Mark served as an associate director of the network and was with the common SBDC for 10 years He has over 30 years of experience in small business entrepreneurship.

And lastly, but certainly not least we have is Natasha Harris Natasha started her career at Dallas College in September 2017 when she joined the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses team She's been working in the field of strategic planning organizational and leadership development since 2002 her journey and education Began at straight Jesuit College preparatory in Houston, Texas where she served as the assistant athletic director After moving to Dallas, Texas She continued her career in organizational planning and had the opportunity to further her passion of being a resource to others she oversaw leadership development products services and events for a women's food service forum a Leadership development organization, which is known for being the go-to resource for individuals to build skills Expand knowledge and broaden perspective so they can reach their full potential and accelerate their career growth Prior to joining Dallas College and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses program Natasha served in roles that focus in strategic and operational planning

So lastly is a housekeeping item. Please mute your mics and video If you have any questions or comments post them on the chat section, we'll be monitoring that for you and we do hope to leave 10 minutes at the end for Q&A if we miss that window if we go over We will respond directly to questions after the presentation So next go ahead Jeanette and take it away.

[Danielle Stellrecht]: Jeanette you're on mute ma'am.

[Jeanette Schutz]:Sorry about that So as I said before I am Jeanette shuts and I am the senior director for supplier development at Dallas College So just at a glance one of the strategic priorities of Dallas College is to ensure that Dallas County is vibrant growing and economically viable for current generations and The mission and purpose of our supplier development program is to increase small business Utilization and the procurement of good services and construction contracts creating a plain and level playing field for all suppliers What are the requirements to become a supplier with Dallas College? So after you are awarded a contract You need to register and work date because this is the venue that we will use to pay all of the contracts Many of our services will require you to have insurance of about around a million dollars for construction projects, you need to have a bonding capacity and for certain type of contracts specifically mostly in the IT and construction world We would really like it to you to be a part of a cooperative agreement such as by board tips DIR or Omni The purchasing process is basically regulated by stated legislative policy and any purchase Above $50,000 is going to trigger a formal solicitation Among those there's different forms.

You'll have a request for bid for goods and services. You'll have requests for proposals Requests for quotes then we'll have another type of contract, which is contract pricing information state purchasing contracts and cooperative purchasing agreements and I'll go and explain those a little bit more in detail in the next slides So what is the process of a formal solicitation? So basically depending on the type of service if we have a set price if we just want to know the qualifications if we want more information about the product of service that we are about to purchase an RFP and RFQ and our eye will be posted Suppliers can download and view those solicitations from our website then all proposals are submitted and uploaded electronically to JAR sourcing and They are some notified Via the same email if any addendums or questions were asked in regarding to that contract Dallas College has around five million square feet of construction And we have a lot of construction of new campuses as many people have seen if you drive around the city

And we have additions to our existing the way that we purchase construction projects is going to be either by Purchases done internally directly through Dallas

College or through the issuance of bond projects Through the last bond projects seven campuses were either added to their facilities or remodeled And we also have maintenance and renovation of existing campuses that it's an ongoing activity that we have that could include roofing cooling towers elevator upgrades and everything that you can think of to keep our facilities up and running in Regards to those contracts it would be important to be part of a cooperative agreement So for those of you that are not familiar with cooperative agreements They're basically a relationship between an entity say tips by board any of those and us and then a

vendor will go and submit a quote for a bid, and they have Negotiated conditions and then we can go ahead and purchase from them.

We will have a whole series explaining that in detail There are advantages of being able to be part of a cooperative agreement It is it provides an alternative to the request for proposals Giving that all of the conditions have already been verified when the bid was placed with the cooperative company Then it saves times and administrative costs and the contract does not need to be assigned to the lowest bidder Although it is not a prerequisite for you to be certified of the diverse business to do business with Dallas College We do track our participation in these areas and some of the diverse bid certifications that we recognize Are the ones that you can see? minority business, women-owned business, Disadvantaged business, LGBTQ veteran small businesses, and HUB just to mention a few These are the certifications and the agencies that provide these certifications are going to be The Dallas first worth minority supplier development council the Women's Business Council Southwest NCTRC which is the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency, the National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, the Texas Small Business Administration, the U.S Small Business Administration, the Department of Transportation, and the National Veteran-Owned Business Association. Some of the contracts that we purchase are going to be called CPI.

So a formal solicitation will go out into the market and vendors are selected to provide those goods and services. So, we don't have just one, we'll have several of them in that CPI. Once the CPI is in place for that good or service we must purchase from the selected vendors. Some good services that we purchase through CPIs are going to be armored car services, elevator maintenance for maintenance, and one that I didn't include here but professional services.

So all of our architectural engineering landscape engine Architecture those are going to be also purchased through a cpi contract And these are some of the cooperative partners that we use Dir is mostly used for it services E and I cooperative is going to be for foods and services Tips and by board are the most common ones used in construction and facilities maintenance projects We would like to share with you a success story that we had president of the company Mark Floyd F&P Construction has been doing business with us He began doing business as a partner in the Manhattan Project, but now he has been awarded one and a half million dollars in contracts at Brook Haven, Richland, LeCroy, Mountain View and Eastfield. He's also had the opportunity of paying it forward by working with people from the Second Chance Program from the Regional Black Contractor Association. If you wanted to find more in detail about this really quick overview of a lot of very complex subjects and very deep subjects that we just went through in this presentation, we will have upcoming training. Tomorrow will be the first one and it's going to be in Bill J Priest and we will cover all of the resources that are available in the small business administration at BJP then we're going to be doing business with Dallas College and certifications which we will explain all of the certifications that are available We'll have some of the agencies come and present And you will see which one is more convenient according to where you would like to go We'll have two of the representative of cooperative agreements on October 17 And they'll take you through the process of becoming a member of a cooperative agreement And then on October 26, we will have somebody go through One of our requests for proposals so that you understand everything that is in there and we will have a panel Also saying what are some of the major challenges that people encounter when filling out an RFP. So I hope this information has been useful And I will hand it over to Mark.

[Mark Langford]: Thank you Jeanette. I appreciate it. And it's great to be here this morning It's a great opportunity to talk to a lot of small business owners about some great Resources through Dallas college and we're certainly proud to be one of them I want to talk a little bit about what the north Texas SBDC does I have A few slides to get through as I go through these for the next few minutes. So I just want to start with Who we are and what we do. So we're a program. We're a resource partner of the SBA who Jeanette mentioned just in in her presentation and we help people start and grow their business at no cost It's already paid for by your tax dollars. We're supported by SBA through federal government through the state of Texas and we're hosted by Dallas college So the essence of what we do Is sit down with you virtually or one-on-one? And help you with whatever small business questions you have no matter where you are in your business journey and again, there's not a charge for it and we encourage you to work with us for as long as you can and I’ll go into a lot more details in a minute about where we are and how we can Assist you

But the most important thing to remember is you can always find us at NT as in North Texas or you can certainly just google north Texas SBDC and it'll take you to our website and that'll be a great starting point so That's what I’m about to talk about for the next few minutes. I just wanted to give you a little a

quick overview We start with house college in 1986 And have been here ever since so we are a long-term grant with the college and certainly prior to our relationship It's a great partnership and certainly getting more and more involved in economic development and small business development, which is great to see We have a staff of over 50 advisors throughout our network.

So For our SBDC as I’ll talk about in a minute Every state has a state office Texas in California just because of the sheer geography are divided into regions So we have the north Texas part of the state so we could go up to Oklahoma over to Arkansas down to temple and then we go Who did I leave out we go to the other side of fort work Uh, so we cover 49 counties We have post relationships that we'll talk about in a minute with universities and community colleges Who are required to support our program through a cash match and we're proud of those partnerships and by having? 50 advisors across our network We can tap into some of some great resources for some questions that maybe your local SBDC advisor can't help you with We have a whole network of people behind us who can help with a lot of different questions You may have in a lot of different resources So we have one mission and that's to accelerate the north Texas economy by helping entrepreneurs grow sustainable businesses SBA gives us goals.

They are, they're Based around on economic impact, so we only have one job to do and that is to help you Start and grow your business and that's how we're measured Is did we help you start a business? Did we help you hire an employee? Did we help you get funding? So our we're very motivated and engaged to work with you to have success Um, it's a two-way partnership as we'll talk about in a minute So we really try to outline What the expectations are for you and what we can do for you But really we have no other agenda other than to help you to help you be successful in your business so These are some of our objectives And the really want the one I want to focus on the most is the second bullet just to reiterate we provide no cost In-depth consulting business advising to small businesses and all vary to help them grow and expand and innovate increase their productivity and a lot on management and leadership certainly Everything is changing as we know uh in a in a post pandemic world Things have completely shifted for small businesses in so many ways an area a pain point that we hear most often Is how to remain engaged with their employees how to hire? the right employee how to keep them on staff as opposed to just Starting a job and then in a few weeks they change and they don't show back up to work And how do how do you really remain engaged with your workforce? And it's a it's a changing workforce so We cover from the beginning to you know, really if you're ready to sell your business We'll talk about that in a minute We can help you with a business evaluation to get an idea of what you need to do or if you're at that point where you're Thinking I need to sell my business in three to five years, you know, or you have some sort of exit strategy.

We talk about what you need to do to look to be present your best case to a potential buyer and also present your best case because that potential buyer is probably going to need to get funding from a bank and what do you need to make sure you have? Appropriate financial statements tax records and then what's our realistic business valuation for what you think? For what for what you have to offer? So that's that again is our primary focus We do we do some training and consult and at business advising and then we also work with veteran resources The training you can go to any SBDC really in the country and take someone's training So you can take online training. You can pick an SBDC who's very active in training. For instance, in our State University of Houston the SBDC located there and UT San Antonio they have some very strong training programs. We're revamping our training programs and getting those back up in place. We started with somehow to start business how to start and how to find money but UTSA and University of Houston, if you google those SBDC's you'll find a lot of great training especially around procurement. If you're just starting out UTSA has a government contracting center that provides a lot of training if you're really just wanting to get the basics of what it takes to get into that world because we have a lot of people approach us About wanting to give get into government contracting and for a lot of them there's a misconception that the government can be their first client and the reality is you have to really be in business for a couple years before you can start to do work with the federal government and ideally start on as what Jeanette talked about a local level.

Maybe with a college or university to start to build up with to that because you're going to have to cash flow those contracts and a lot of small businesses, especially when they're just starting out while they hear The federal government is the biggest purchaser of goods in the country and want a slice of that pie The reality is they're probably not in the position yet to do it. So we can work with you to get in that position So as I talked about we do very basic workshops right now geared around startup and loans and business planning We've done a couple workshops with the mesquite chamber and the garland chamber In the last couple of months and have some upcoming with them And we'll start to publicize those More frequently in the coming months as we expand those But again, I’ll just kind of go over a lot of the Most popular subjects people come to us for And number one, of course is they want access to capital So whether you're in business or you're wanting to start a business A lot of people say, you know, I need money to get it going or to continue So if you need money And you're bankable We can certainly get you a loan We have great contacts with lenders certified development corporations economic development partners So if you are bankable, we can help you get a loan I will most people though are not bankable. That's just the reality. So, where they are as an existing business and they're coming to us about 18 months into the journey They have a three-month lease a retail storefront and they're just not meeting the expectations.

They thought they would have for the business. So, what they come to us for is if I could just get a fifty-thousand-dollar line of credit I'll be great. You know, I can get through these tough times and I project in six months I’ll be able to you know cover all the numbers and cash flow this business And the reality is if you're upside down in your business and don't have And are not cash flow positive right now. You're not going to find a lender who will loan you the money And the last thing we want to do is help someone get a loan if they're not going to be able to repay it because then in Six months from now when they do go out of business because the fifty thousand dollars is not going to solve their problem more than likely Not only are they going to still owe on the lease, but now they're going to have a fifty thousand dollar line of credit that they're personally liable for so we are Take that responsibility very briefly to make sure that a business owner knows what they're getting into will help With the business plan will help with cash flow projections Will help them understand what the banker is asking for because we work with them all the time We'll talk about some of our results at the end But a lot of times people will walk into a bank and what they request of them They may not know how to do and we get a lot of referral from bankers so if you come to us through a banker or you Just find us and need help working with your bank.

Uh, that's certainly something we can do So the reality is a lot of people come to us for money and they're not going to qualify for funding. So, what do they really need help in? They really need help in understanding their business. They really need help in understanding Do you know what your gross margins are? Do you know what your net margins are? Do you know what your Marketing is Marketing is doing so really? things that they may not be comfortable doing we sit down with them again and Just sit walk them through that process We coach them through we're not going to do the work for them But we'll work with them so they can start to understand start together that financial information Most people are great at what they do in their business But they're very reluctant to dig into the numbers So there's a real There's a real loss of information there.

It's a real challenging way to operate your business to make effective decisions So we usually start by asking, you know, how well do you know your financials? And go from there and then we can make decisions about Marketing about hiring and management decisions and then Additionally, if you're in the startup mode, we will work with you on what it takes to start your business If you're an ideation stage, we may Have you go to a seminar just to understand? Um, so this is the bulk of what we do and if you're looking to grow your business, certainly you have a storefront and you want to go to another storefront or Your mutation and your leasing space and now you want to go into your own. We can help you with all those things. We also work with the VBOC who is an SBA resource partner veterans Business center who can help veterans? Uh, a lot of time they will make them aware of resources available Uh, they don't have the wide they don't have the depth of advising that we have so we partner with them Well, we will provide the advising but they'll make sure veterans know of all the resources And then just to let you know, so no matter, you know I'm sure most of our audience is local today, but we are part of the SBDC is a national program There's over a thousand SBDC's in the country So if you have any friends or relatives who are looking to start a business in their neighborhood Uh, they can google the SBDC closest to them um America's SBDC They can google America’s SBDC that will take them to the national Our association and they can type in their zip code and find the closest SBDC to them And uh, we're like I said, there's a thousand across the country. So we're pretty spread out and as I mentioned, uh, here's our boundaries for our north Texas area We have 12 centers 15 satellite locations we partner with Collin College, Tarrant College, University of Texas at Tyler, and then most of our hosts are community colleges and it's very appropriate As you're seeing with Dallas college and all the services they're offering Community colleges are very focused on Their neighborhoods their community and improving them very mission driven.

And so it's an appropriate alignment for us So I mentioned Dallas college we work with SBA there's a local office as Jeanette mentioned in uh, Arlington and so we do we work with them closely We work with score who's a resource partner the p-tac Is a great resource for people who are looking to get into government contracting the women's business center all partners of SBA and then as I mentioned the b-thoc. So on this slide, I really I think the thing that I’ve overlooked so far is the Market research That ties into the strategy and competitive analysis so we have on all our advisors, you know laptops access to really about what we pay for about a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in market research tools So these are things that most small business owners would not have access to and so we have access to help them understand their industry. We have A great program through IBISWorld and it can get an IBIS report uh and On whether or not their business is growing What their industry looks like what uh, what trends are happening in their business and again We may we cannot provide you the whole report But we can certainly go over the report with you and provide you an executive summary in addition. We have a lot of other resources Uh Market research tools to help you understand the demographics of an area if you're wanting to put in a business If you're wanting to look in how many competitors in the Marketplace, I want to go into we can help you understand Maybe where there's a gap in the city Uh, or maybe where there's already a lot of competing businesses and help you make those decisions And as I said earlier, we really set this set this up to be kind of a win-win uh, we will set up The expectations for you when we sit down with you for the first time on what we can do how we can help you And then what the expectations are For you which is to go home and do some of the work that we help you with and to make this a long-term relationship So our goals given to us by SBA are around business starts capital infusion job creation and job retention We serve a diverse population of clients to include women, minorities, veterans, LGBTQ, and focus on rural populations a lot of our market once you get outside of Dallas fort worth Is our is completely a rural market.

So, uh, we work with USDA for loans in that area as well So to wrap it up, these are our impacts, uh for last physical year, um, We're still in this year. We provided over 22000 hours of advising. We served over 5000 clients and you see our mixture we're about 43 pre-venture and 57 existing businesses Help create over 2000 jobs and help create, uh help people access capital to about 177 million Some of that is equity, uh investments from owners.

I our loan activity was about 123 million dollars So again, if you're bankable We can get we can find you a loan. I will say our lowest loan was 2500 dollars Our largest loan was 9 million dollars So we're all points in between So we certainly can assist you if that's if that's where you are in your journey And so I want to wrap up by just saying thank you for your time I told you I was going to tell you about the SBDC organization.

I hope you've got some good Uh tips today and again, remember If you have any questions Thank you.

[Natasha Harris]:Thank you and good morning everyone So my name is Natasha Harris director of outreach and recruitment for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses program I'd also like to thank Danielle and Moises and team for giving us the opportunity to introduce 10,000 small businesses Uh to our Dallas college colleagues and also anyone from our community that is here today and I’d also like to thank my The team all of my colleagues For being on the call this bright and early Monday morning, uh to support this webinar This program is led by Kristin Thomas and she's the executive director of 10,000 small businesses And also Chris Bradshaw who is our business support services director? so our team is composed of Colleagues who are passionate.

They're passionate people About um helping small businesses in our communities that we serve and so it's just an honor for everyone to be on here today So just to give you a quick overview of who we are and what we do We are located also at bill j priest center for economic development at Dallas college We are the neighbor to Mark Langford and the small business development council.

There is so many resources in bill j priest and The good news about this webinar this morning is that even if you do not own a business You know someone who own a business and so these resources Are free at no cost to the business owner as Mark has mentioned So there are a lot of great things happening at bill j priest and I’m honored to share some of those great things with you all today So as we talk about uh 10,000 small businesses The purpose of our program is to help businesses grow.

That's what we're all about. We're about helping businesses grow We're all about helping with them with job creation and increasing their revenue by increasing their revenue They're also able to create jobs and so in partnership with the Goldman Sachs foundation This program has been around at Dallas college since 2014 that's right 2014 700 small businesses in north Texas We are excited to be a part of this journey for many small businesses because as Mark has mentioned Businesses or small business owners are good at what they do They may need the additional skills and increasing competence in certain areas to help them grow And take their business to their businesses to the next level And as I’ve mentioned, there's no cost to participants However for our program there is an application process where they are asked to fill out an application And if that minimum criteria is met they are then invited to participate in our interview process One great thing about our program is the peer-to-peer learning And so regardless of what industry those business are in they are placed in a cohort Between 25 and 35 has been our sweet spot in Dallas college We take them through a cohort together and one great thing is the peer-to-peer learning because they're learning on the go Um our business advisors and our module faculty members.

They're all trained Many are trained by Babson College, which is the nation's top ranked entrepreneurial school And so the module faculty members are there to serve as facilitators of the program And so there's a lot of great value in that peer-to-peer learning As I mentioned the participants they do develop a tailored growth plan And so when the business owners are accepted in the program They are assigned to a business advisor In which I believe all of our business advisors are on the call this morning on the webinar this morning But the business advisor is there to um to be their cheerleader to be one of their thought leaders And as Mark also mentioned not to actually do the growth plan for them, but to help them Along the way along their journey I love the statistics I'll only focus on one and that is the first one and that 66% of them increase their revenues just six months after graduating and that is a pretty big Uh statistic that we're very proud of we're also proud of all of the statistics but one thing that also stands out is that As I mentioned this is a this program is at no cost to the business owner.

Our graduation rate is at 96 And we all know that when generally there's no investment A monetary investment in many programs uh many programs may not have that high graduation rate to so to see a group of small businesses participate in a

14-week program that's happened to grow on their business and our and the graduation rate is 96 percent We're extremely proud of that And so as I mentioned there is an application process So this is the ideal candidate who will meet the minimum criteria to be invited to participate in our interview process So if they're the owner or the co-owner of a business if they've been in business for at least two years Their revenue is at least 75 25 000 They have at least two employees and obviously a desire to grow and create jobs within the communities that we serve That is the ideal candidate to participate in our program One thing I’d also like to um to share is that Goldman Sachs is not only the monetary or the donor of this program They are very involved in this program.

They participate in our interview processes that's held at bill j priest They're always around asking for resources asking for Recommendations for businesses who have graduated from our program so that they can continue to help them elevate their businesses um as it relates to growth and this is just an example of how we go to Market. We go to Market very simple We share our schedule which is um offered three times a year This cohort is offered three times a year starting with January graduating in April our summer cohorts Starts in May and they graduate in august and we're now in our Fall cohort that just started the week of Labor Day and they will be graduating in December Um is very simple. We offer pretty much four to five tips as to why people want should participate in this program if they have time and that is because You're going to learn from experts. They're going to be able to invest in themselves um, this is a life-changing opportunity where they're able to Talk to like-minded businesses who also want to grow and succeed in their businesses.

They're now lifetime friends They're now being intentional about their businesses and their growth plans and they're continuing and I see someone nodding their head they're continuing to um to build themselves to increase their network and to also be intentional about staying together as a cohort and um as north Texas graduates

Um, I don't I think I mentioned earlier that we have over 700 graduates in the Dallas fort worth north Texas area and we are Extremely proud of that Nationwide, we're a little over 12 800 graduates and we're continuing to grow This is an example of our brochure Uh featuring our very own graduates from the Dallas fort worth area where we have a very simple brochure Sure to share with our community business and businesses who may Have interest in participating in our program and I’m excited to share that the next person that I will be Introducing designed this flyer I love to share show and tell um, this is our cohort 25 that graduated in April So they started they kicked us off in January 2023 and they graduated.

We're always excited to see this day This is our cohort 26, which is the most recent graduating class And as I’ve mentioned, we are in the process of cohort 27 that just started in September We are in the application cycle for the cohort that starts in January 2024 and if you know anyone who may have interest in this program myself the outreach team Along with the 10,000 small businesses team will be more than happy to answer any questions You may have and we always say it's always worth a conversation Businesses should not assume that they may not have met the criteria

We'll have a one-on-one conversation with them. That is also confidential To identify if they if there are some gaps that they may have missed and we'll be able to do as much as we can To advocate for those businesses And so with that being said it gives me honor and pleasure to introduce Glenn Bradley Although he has an impeccable resume and bio.

I like to just share a couple of personal points about Glenn Bradley is a graduate of cohort seven for 10,000 small businesses and Glenn has been around ever since graduating Glenn has had the opportunity to take advantage of the local alumni north Texas Networking opportunity and business resources and he's also participated in the global Alumni summit that took place in Washington DC Glenn and his team.

I see justice smiling one thing that I always say about Glenn and his team Lakita also Elizabeth is that they are the chick-fil-a of their industry They are very service oriented and I am just honored that you all will see some of the work that Glenn has been able to do I think he is We're just so proud of him because he was able to grow his business through a lot of relationships that he's met and have been participated in in Dallas college And many of you who may have participated in person at conference day for the last couple of years Glenn and his team they always have an outreach table there. So, I tell you they are servant leaders They're not they're also walking the walk and talking the talk and so I welcome Glenn Bradley everyone a big hit creative. Thank you.

[Glenn Bradley]: Awesome.

Thank you so much for that warm. Welcome. Natasha. You guys are awesome. Um, and I’ll say that the 10ksb Program has been so instrumental in the focusing growth of our business and I’ll go ahead and um kind of take over the Scratch you have a presentation that I want to share with you Really quick here um And so I’ll tell you a little bit about our company.

So big hit creative is a leader in brand recognition, we have nearly 20 years of marketing experience. We began our journey back in 2005 as a video production company And since then we've evolved into a full service integrated Marketing agency We've been fortunate enough to work with many large state and local organizations And although we've worked a lot in higher education financial health care industries many of our clients include local businesses manufacturing facilities construction service providers and other recognizable brands Our core offerings fall in the creative services and Marketing categories and so a detailed breakdown will kind of include promotional products sales and distribution That's going to be your giveaways your client incentives employee incentives trophies awards apparel signage Graphic design is another service that we provide and that's going to be your graphic print layout um, and then how she mentioned the uh, the uh The brochure that we designed as well as ad creation web development search engine optimization photography and video production Marketing and advertising is going to be a traditional and digital inbound marketing social media strategy and consulting.

In order for us to deliver the best possible product every time though

As a certified NBE our team is proud to operate as an associate of some highly respected organizations Such as the American advertising federation The Dallas producers association and the promotional products association international We're committed to maintaining An inclusive workforce that fully represents many different cultures backgrounds and viewpoints We strive to foster belonging and empowerment at work Our staff has a prominent female Lead who leads who excel due to their unparalleled attention to detail and demand for quality So when subcontracting we also look for partners with similar company culture In an effort to show our social responsibility We partner with the green business bureau to build our own sustainable corporate responsibility strategy and we practice that daily We take every effort to partner with organizations that are committed to And anchor in the community to provide outreach support and positive influence Which is why we appreciate the opportunity to work with Dallas college Our company has been a vendor of Dallas college for nearly a decade now and Over the time we've managed to build a lot of solid relationships and thanks, you know, especially to dr.

Adrian Thompson My friend who introduced us to sponsorships in 2019 We got the chance to support many Cool events brought on I guess that that Dallas college initiatives We find value in sponsoring programs that align with our corporate personal and social values So fortunately Dallas college makes it easy for us to check off all those bosses Because of the variety of programs that they offer A personal favorite of mine is the uh, the annual conference day.

That's an in-person and virtual event It allows us the opportunity to meet the Dallas college staff that we get to work with and it also gives us the opportunity to deepen those relationships both in person and online Another is bits and bites the culinary experience which benefits culinary students And this is especially personal to me because my daughter who's autistic has a dream of someday becoming a pastry chef and this program really caters to students that That have that drive and that desire So some of the work that we've done would include alumni t-shirts graduation ceremonial gifts We've also sponsored and provided special discount rates on gifts like totes bags and lots of other dc merch Dallas college merch So events like the Dallas college police bank bike rides and national night out gives us the opportunity to show our appreciation and support Um for the Dallas college police this department protects over a hundred thousand students and 3200 employees each year Some of our financial and in-kind sponsorships also included.

Um, programs like the veterans affairs and thanksgiving food drives to support our student veterans And since quality education is one of our sustainable development goals It's an honor to be it was an honor to be a part of the design and decoration of the mobile training lab. We did this four times so it's a 52-foot trailer that was uh decorated and um, uh I guess engineered and fixed up to be a mobile training lab. It's really cool You should get a chance if you get a chance check it out So many of you may remember during the spring and summer of 2020 many students couldn't graduate in person So we work with Dallas college to figure out a way um that Dallas college could still make a positive impact on students by mailing out nearly 10 000 graduate boxes to the graduating class of 2020 So here's one way that our clients, uh can be confident that their purchases and support of our company are going to a good cause Um and that we put our time energy and money where our mouth is So since our partnership with Dallas college big hit creative has donated over a half a million dollars in product and in and service discounts in-kind donations financial sponsorships and creative services Now we're not the biggest company out there, but we do try to make a big impact So we appreciate the support that we receive from our clients because the more support that we see in our small business The more we get to support work while we're the organizations like Dallas college and other community partners Um, and with that I’d like to go ahead and turn it back over to our moderators

[Danielle Stellrecht]: Thanks so much for that Glenn of great information.

We've got some great feedback here in the chat as well um, and we made it to the 10-minute section, so um, let's go ahead and I know we talked a little bit about the Webinars and people asking if that's going to be available um, and if you want to come off mute and ask a question then Anybody'd like to open the platform to?


Well, um, if there's no questions, then Um, we'll go ahead and wrap up unless any of the presenters have anything they want to add. Oh boy, you've got your hand up Go ahead I'm, sorry.

[Moises Ramirez]: Yeah, um, I actually had a question for Natasha. Um this comes up pretty often when I meet with people Um, are there any exceptions to the minimum requirements to be a participant to the program? Um People sometimes are really close and then they tend to wonder if there's a way that they can still participate

[Natasha Harris]: Absolutely, that's a great question Moy I will also say um, as I mentioned it's just worth having a conversation with myself or someone on the team So that we can really dig into Their criteria and to see how close they are and if they are not close or if they did not meet that criteria We do a great job of trying to share other resources with them until they are ready for our program. Hope that's helpful.

[Moises Ramirez]: It was thank you for that.

Um, and I actually had another question for Glenn, Glenn You have actually obviously been successful in partnering with Dallas college What advice would you provide to the community or for those up and comers that want to also be successful that also want to be able to partner with the college as well as you have.

[Glenn Bradley]:Great question Here's what I always say is that you have to when you choose a client that you want to work with and do Be strategic in working with someone that you that you can enjoy working with Um, you have to get behind what moves the needle for that client You know, you have to show support. This is what I always say. I think it's more about the level of support and to make sure that your values align. So as long as the values align and then that you do you know kind of Make sure that everyone kind of understands. It's not all about making a sale Yeah, we it That all it comes it comes with it, you know, that's a piece of it That's kind of a byproduct but if you can You know support what your client's vision is or support what your targeted audience vision is just make sure that those values align and I think that is probably the key to a successful partnership with the client.

[Moises Ramirez]: Perfect. Thank you for that Danielle, I think there's a question in the chat.

[Danielle Stellrecht]: I see there So it says I’m a photographer and a graphic designer and I’m so stuck What is the process for connecting with an advisor to assist me in moving forward?

[Mark Langford]:I they can certainly start with the SBDC and we connect can connect as appropriately with other programs and my email information Is on here as well as the team email the That would be the great a great place to start We'll have a couple forms for you to fill out and then we will return your email to Set you up in a an appointment with an advisor

[Danielle Stellrecht]: Awesome Thanks for that Mark and just to add on to that point anytime that you have a question or you're wanting to learn more about what the college offers um Oh, are you synced to the um Presenter Are y'all seeing slide 63 where the everybody else leaves a slide where it's everybody's emails I am okay.

All right. I'll just drop in there too. Perfect. Okay um Business engagement our team as well um, we'll just have a conversation with you and just find out what you're interested in doing where you're stuck. What do you want? Um And then be able to connect each other team So if it's something we didn't cover today and maybe it's something from a different webinar because like we said we have 50 plus services for businesses So if you just want to have a conversation Um, you can also just reach out to business engagement and then we'll get you connected to

Jeanette to Natasha to Mark and all the other people Across Dallas college that are supporting businesses and small businesses specifically All right, great any other questions Awesome.

Well, great. Thank you so much. Everybody again. Thank you to our presenters A big round of applause for all the work that you guys do and for coming together to put this together, So we appreciate it and appreciate all of you spending your Monday morning with us Have a wonderful rest of your week and take care. We look forward to working with you Thank you so much for this. Thank you. You guys take care. Thank you all. Thank you.