Continuing Education Success Coach Staff

​​​​​​​Continuing Education has a team of success coaches to guide students through their academic and career goals.

Be sure to connect with a success coach related to your pathway or school of interest.

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Mission: Committed to foster a diverse and dynamic educational environment which engages with community stakeholders to inspire student success, social responsibility, and achievement in obtaining gainful employment and personal enrichment.


Bring awareness and accessibility to highlight the individuality of students, staff, faculty, and community partners by creating a welcoming environment that encompasses responsive and consistent services.


Develop our students through cultivating a culture of continuous personal and professional growth to accomplish their goals and maximize their potential.


Provide knowledgeable and meaningful service by connecting to campus and community resources and offering timely and relevant courses for workforce advancement and personal enrichment.


Enhance students’ quality of life by championing meaningful goals and accomplishments.


Ensure equitable services and inclusive programming that reflects the dynamic needs of our community. Instilling social responsibility through community engagement.


Encourage collaboration that promotes diversity, student learning and engagement.


Advocate the ability to earn sustainable wages for families and communities to thrive through gainful employment.


Brooke Ryan, M. Ed.

  • Associate Dean

Erbin Ayala

  • Student Success Coach

Danae Bass, M.A.

  • Student Success Coach

Lexi Calhoun, M.S.

  • Student Success Coach

Jaqueline Cervantes, MBA

  • Student Success Coach

Amanda Crook, MLS

  • Student Success Coach

Elizabeth Cruz Faz

  • Student Success Coach

Lanita Etea, M. Ed.

  • Student Success Coach

Beth Jacintho

  • Student Success Coach

Deirdre Joseph, M. Ed.

  • Student Success Coach

Thomas Ramirez

  • Student Success Coach

Shelly Turner, M.S.

  • Student Success Coach