Studio Art

​​​​​​​Learn the fundamentals of studio art in various mediums.

Get in the studio with the studio art program that will give you the tools you need to be successful across a variety of mediums.

Our campuses offer classes on painting, drawing, pottery and blacksmithing.

With painting, among other things, you will learn the fundamental concepts of painting with acrylics and oils. There will also be an emphasis on painting still life, models and the imagination. 

With pottery, you’ll learn how to build pottery forms by coil, slab and the wheel. Glazing and firing are also included.

With drawing, you’ll learn about various techniques and subjects, as well as descriptive possibilities.

With blacksmithing, you’ll learn how to make your own tools and heat treat hardened steel.

You may be able to request a seat as a continuing education student in a credit class. Please talk to a student success coach to see if this is possible for the course you are interested in.



Looking to earn more? An interest in studio art can start you on the path to a great career in design.