Brewer Programs

​​​Journeyman Brewer Certificate Program

The Journeyman Brewer class is a one-of-a kind program in brewing education that combines theoretical knowledge with a hands-on internship experience at a brewery!

WeeksLength of Training
$ 3,600*Cost of Tuition
*Grants may be available

The Journeyman Brewer program is an educational program tailored to the needs of micro, craft and industrial brewing personnel working within the production side of the brewing industry. The program teaches fundamental understanding of all aspects of the brewing process. This course includes an 82-hour practical, hands-on internship at a local brewery where students are immersed in day-to-day brewery operations. Placement is facilitated by Master Brewer Peter Boettcher. The class will provide essential knowledge in raw materials, brewing technology, fermentation technology, quality control, packaging technology, cleaning and sanitation, and more. It also includes an introduction to OSHA safety standards for the brewing industry. It will answer your questions as to why we do certain things in brewing, the way these things​ are done and why they are important.

Journeyman Brewers are highly qualified for a professional brewer position. This course is also ideal for passionate home brewers who seek to get their foot in the door of professional brewing and at the same time learn current brewery techniques and standards.



Technical Brewer Certificate Program


8 WeeksLength o​f Training
$ 5,000*Cost of Tuition
*Grants may be available


Must be 18 years or older
Journeyman Brewer certificate (or equivalent)
One year of practical brewing experience


The Technical Brewer certificate program consists of two courses:

The Applied Brewing Science course is part of the Technical Brewer certificate program. It is tailored to leadership personnel in the brewing industry. This advanced course will provide you with a deeper understanding of the technical and technological brewing process as well as critical quality aspects thereof. It will cover the entire brewing process from raw materials and brew house technology to fermentation technology, filtration and the stabilization process. This course will further cover packaging technology, including the latest norm​s in packaging, including packing line configurations. You will gain a deeper understanding of the shelf life of beer and how to impact and improve it during the brewing process. The course will provide insight into proper recipe formulation, development of fermentation profiles and keeping a holistic brewing process in mind.

The Advanced Brewing Practices course is part of the Technical Brewer certificate program and is tailored to leadership personnel in brewing operation. This course will teach detailed knowledge and the skills necessary to effectively lead and manage the day-to-day operations of a production brewery. It emphasizes the practical, operational side of brewing management and leadership tasks. It will cover advanced scheduling techniques, proper reconciliation and efficiency calculation throughout the production areas, and understanding and monitoring of key process indicators. The course also teaches process optimizations, project management, asset care, maintenance, GMP rules and guidelines, and more.