​​Check out what’s on tap at Dallas College’s Journeyman/Technical Brewer program. With support from more than 20 local brewery partners, the program offers a hands-on certificate that gives current and aspiring brewery personnel the skills to meet the needs of the growing beer industry.
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Journeyman Brewer/
Technical Brewer Program at a Glance


How Long Will I Train?

Campus course: Six weeks
Online course: Six weeks

The Technical Brewer course track requires one year of practical brewing experience and the completion of the Journeyman Brewer certificate or an assessment test. Classes are self paced.


How Much Will I Spend?

Journeyman Brewer: $3,600
Technical Brewer: $5,000

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The Journeyman Brewer Academy has been a success since 2015! Over 200 students have graduated from the academy as Journeymen Brewers advancing and embarking on their professional career. Our placement rate is over 98%, with students often hired by breweries while still completing their education.

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Journeyman Brewer/Technical Brewer (CE Skills Award)

Courses Required:

  • RSTO 1001 - Beverage Management
  • RSTO 2086 - Internship - Restaurant, Culinary and Catering Management

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A One-of-a-Kind Program

The Dallas College Brewer program is the only one of its kind in the southern region of the United States. It produces highly qualified employees who meet the demand for trained brewers in the booming craft beer industry in Texas and the region.

The program achieves this through face-to-face, online and hybrid instruction. Specifically, the Journeyman Brewer program directly partners with more than 20 local breweries that provide live learning labs at their facilities.

Since its creation, the Dalls College Brewer program has produced a 98% job placement rate, and it will continue to do so by expanding its partnerships. The pairings of these classes create a pipeline that enables the hobby beer-lover to become a head brewmaster and/or craft beer business owner.

The Journeyman program is a comprehensive overview of grain to glass from someone who has worked at every conceivable level, including malting, that will prepare you for beginning your new career.”
Curtis Caldwell
Brewer, Legal Draft Beer Company

Brewer Program Partners

The Dallas College Brewer program has the support and participation of a wide network of breweries, including:

  • Cowtown Brewing Company, Fort Worth
  • Deep Ellum Brewery, Dallas
  • Martin House Brewing Company, Fort Worth
  • Texas Ale Project, Dallas
  • Oak Highlands Brewery, Dallas
  • Lakewood Brewing Company, Garland, Texas
  • Four Corners Brewing Company, Dallas
  • Equal Parts Brewing, Houston
  • Prost Brewing Company, Denver
  • Cycler's Brewing Company, Houston
  • Flying Fish Brewing Company, Somerdale, N.J.
  • Red Gap Brewing Company, Cisco, Texas
  • Hop & Sting Brewery, Grapevine, Texas
  • Spoetzl (Shiner) Brewery Company, Shiner, Texas

Looking to earn more? A career as a journeyman or technical brewer can start you on the path to a great career in the culinary, food and hospitality industry.