​​​​​This training leads to the ManageFirst Professional industry-recognized certification and is designed to equip students with the key competencies they need to begin or advance their management careers in the restaurant industry.

These classes are perfect for upskilling key employees with the specific knowledge and skills found in the subject areas of the courses, brought to life by expert and seasoned industry professional adjunct faculty. This training will also increase management pipeline employee confidence to impact top- and bottom-line numbers in any food and beverage operation.

Restaurant Management Program at a Glance


How Long Will I Train?

Campus course: 16 weeks

Classes meet on Mondays in 3-hour sessions, 2-5 p.m. and 5-8 p.m., and alternate in 4- and 8-week blocks.


How Much Will I Spend?

Amount: $848

Need money for training? You may be eligible for financial aid.

Benefits of Restaurant Management​

The Restaurant Management program is built on the ManageFirst Program platform, created by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) and managed nationally by National Restaurant Association Solutions, is a management development program that equips students with the key competencies they need to begin or advance their management careers in our demanding industry.


ManageFirst Professional® (MFP) Credential

The MFP credential recognizes students as having the academic and practical knowledge they need to succeed in the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industries.

To earn the MFP credential, students must:

  • Pass four core credential exams and one elective exam
  • Provide documentation for 800 hours of unpaid or paid industry work experience

Courses Required:

  • RSTO 1010: Restaurant Mgmt: Costs/Accounting
  • RSTO 2000: Restaurant Mgmt: HR/Supervision
  • RSTO 1041: Food Safety Manager Training

Elective Courses:

  • RSTO 1091: Restaurant Customer Service
  • HRMO 1091: Restaurant Marketing

​​Important: Check the CE schedule​ to verify if and when the class is currently being offered.

Make sure to look under the “Food, Food Service & Hospitality” section for RSTO and HRMO classes.

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