​Ar​​​e you a restaurant manager, bartender, server or in another beverage-related position looking to grow your career? Professional beverage managers combine specialized knowledge of wines, beers and spirits with skills such as marketing, sales, inventory control, purchasing, food pairing and much more to build and grow strong careers!

Our Wine and Beverage Management Program will teach you how to merchandise a full-service beverage program to increase sales (and your income!) in a restaurant, hotel or other food service operation.

Wine and Beverage Management Program at a Glance


How Long Will I Train?

Campus course: 16 weeks

Six hours of class per week plus 80-hour workplace internship.


How Much Will I Spend?

Amount: $1,236 (plus learning materials, approximately $380)

Need money for training? You may be eligible for financial aid.

Benefits of Wine and Beverage Management

In many hospitality businesses, wine and beverage programs represent an essential profit center. That means the beverage managers in these businesses are key positions that directly impact top-line sales and bottom-line profits!

In restaurants, adult beverages are an extension of the food menu, so it’s important that the proper libations are paired with the chef’s creations. Wine has long been emphasized as an important part of the gastronomic experience, so viticulture and enology (the study of grape-growing regions, wine varietals and service) is nothing new.

However, the growing importance of other craft beverages, distilled spirits and even the recent popularity of non-alcoholic beverages has awakened new opportunities for full-service beverage programs, and the professionals who manage them, to achieve incremental sales increases and higher earnings.


Wine and Beverage Management (CE Skills Award)

Courses Required:

  • RSTO 1001 – Beverage Management and Mixology
  • RSTO 1019 – Wine Studies and Service
  • RSTO 2086 Internship – Wine and Beverage Management

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Looking to earn more? This program in wine and beverage management can help you grow your career in the culinary, food and hospitality industry.