Allied Health Immunization Requirements

​​​​​​Immunization Requirements

The Texas Department of Health follows the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for immunizations for health care workers. The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council may require additional immunizations for clinical experience at health care institutions in the area. Students entering the program must be able to demonstrate evidence of immunity through documentation of disease/vaccination records and titer reports indicating immunity (positive titer). No student will be allowed to attend any clinical without evidence of immunizations.

Below is a list of all required immunizations. If a student is not compliant, they will not be allowed to participate in clinical rotations and will be dropped from the program.

  • Each immunization requires a copy of the original record, including the signature of the health professional who administered the immunization and presentation of copies of all available immunization records.
  • A positive titer will be accepted for unavailable immunization documentation. This applies only to titers that are indicated in the required col​umn.
  • Vaccines are not required if you have documentation of the disease and positive titers.
  • Print this page and list all dates of immunization/disease and titers below and submit it with your registration information.
Vaccine Information Date Given
Hepatitis B (HepB, Hib-HepB, HepA-HepB, DTaP-HepB-IPV)Two doses four weeks apart, third dose five months after the second dose and positive titer.  Hepatitis B:
All students under the age of 22 attending classes at Texas institutions of higher education must present proof of immunization for bacterial meningitis or present the appropriate exemption.
TdapBooster (one dose as an adult) within the last 10 years. Td booster every 10 years thereafter.
Measles, Mumps & Rubella
Documentation of two doses with positive titer.  Measles:
Varicella (chickenpox)
Two doses are required (if one dose was received prior to age 13, then only one dose is required) and positive titer. Varicella:
InfluenzaRequired annually during flu season, usually from September through March or April.
TB testNegative Tuberculin (TB) test (can be either TST or QFT). If a student has a history of positive TST or has had TB, the student must have documentation of negative CXR. 

No student may begin clinical rotations without verification of immunization status.