Fire Academy

Start a rewarding new career or get valuable advancement potential if you’re already working in public service with our courses in Fire Protection Technology.

Have you ever thought of becoming a firefighter? What about a job in arson investigation, hazardous materials or safety inspection? The Fire Protection Technology program offered by Dallas College is a licensed fire academy through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. Continuing education courses are also available for firefighters in areas such as Arson Investigation and Fire Officer I and II.

This program aligns with the model developed by the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Academy to create a standard fire science curriculum for institutions across the country. Firefighters work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Airport fire teams
  • Chemical plant and other industrial site fire teams
  • Emergency medical service (EMS) units
  • Hazardous materials units
  • National park and forest fire teams
  • Urban and rural fire departments

HB 1508 Notice

This program may lead to an occupational license for which a prior criminal history may make a student ineligible. 

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Looking to earn more? An interest in fire protection can start you on the path to a great career in law and pubic safety.