North Lake Art Gallery

Located on the Central Campus, the North Lake Gallery showcases the work of established local artists as well as emerging student voices. Visitors of all ages are invited to experience new cultures, perspectives, and realities.

Rachel McClung-Beer helped establish the Central Campus art gallery in 1977. North Lake’s first full-time art professor, McClung-Beer served on the planning team that designed the college campus. Her idea for an art gallery originated after a large mudslide. The building’s original configuration shifted, creating an additional open space next to the Performance Hall. McClung-Beer asked the administration to designate the space “Gallery” on the new set of plans. The rest is art history.

The North Lake Gallery is located on the bottom floor of the J building, in the heart of Central Campus, with easy access to the H building (Student Life Center).

To access from the front entrance (Circle Drive and Library): Enter the A building's sliding front doors and descend the staircase or take the elevator to the lowest level.

To access from the north (DART station, north parking lots): Enter the A building's lower level at the doors across from the gymnasium (F building) and walk down the hall until you emerge in the gallery. Or, for an outdoor approach, walk along the long sidewalk between the A and F buildings, then descend a short staircase to enter the building in front of you.

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