Degrees and Certificates

The first year of the curriculum for both associate degrees consists of El Centro’s Health Occupations Core Curriculum. You must complete these general education and health occupations courses before you apply for entrance to the specialized portion of the program. The second year of the curriculum provides intensive classroom and clinical training in the medical specialty of cardiac sonography. The Adult Cardiac Sonography A.A.S. can be completed in two years if you are a full-time student.

The Pediatric track is a three-year commitment, since you must have completed the Adult Cardiac Sonography A.A.S. from El Centro to enter this degree option. As it is not taught every semester, please check with the program director to see if this degree is currently offered.

You may qualify for one of these certificates if you have already earned a minimum of an associate degree in a designated allied health field or a bachelor’s degree with a major in a science discipline and have substantial patient care experience. As the pediatric track is not taught every semester, please check with the program director to see if this certificate is currently offered.


Prospective students are considered individually to determine if they have an adequate background in anatomy and physiology, college algebra, pathophysiology, pharmacology and physics. A background in basic electrocardiography (ECG) is also required.


Graduates of the Cardiac Sonography program may take one of two credentialing examinations, both recognized by the American Medical Association, though employers may have a preference:

​Length of time is based on catalog degree plans. Prerequisites may be required, which are not included in this estimate. For most programs, full-time student status is assumed, a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester.


Cost is based on tuition rates for program hours for Dallas County residents. Beginning in Fall 2020, the price of most required learning materials (books, software, supplies, etc.) will be included​ with the price of tuition. Find out about financial aid.

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