Drama at Richland

The Drama program at Richland provides a well-balanced curriculum of classroom instruction and concurrent professional employment that challenges students and fosters their success in the world of drama and theatrical production. The program provides a cutting-edge sound system and robotic lighting, so students get real-world training in all phases of production.

The program offers training in theatrical and cinematic arts. Our award-winning faculty and staff will instruct you through in-depth classroom study and hands-on practical experience in acting, musical theatre, the design and technical arts and improvisation. In addition to class work, students have the opportunity to participate in four productions, performed in both our main stage Performance Hall and black box Arena Theatre spaces. Students can interact with a wide network of Richland theatre alums who are working in the entertainment industry as performers, designers, technicians and theatre educators.

Actively participating in the collaborative nature of theatre and film will develop your abilities to communicate effectively and work within a group dynamic, both essential skills in our global workplace.