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The Dallas area has been a hotbed for computer game development since the late 1980s. It was the birthplace of the first-person shooter genre; Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake were all created by Richardson-based id Software. id Software is just one of 80 game development companies in Texas. The industry provides more than 2,000 full-time jobs in the state, according to the Texas Film Commission, which details the computer and game industry in Texas.

The technology used in the game industry is very versatile and goes far beyond its most well-known applications of video gaming. Whether you’re an artist, designer or programmer, there are many industries that it is used in:

  • Film and television production, visual effects, animation, environment and character modeling.
  • Medicine and scientific simulation.
  • Software, web development and machine learning.
  • Education, designing experiences to communicate ideas.
  • Forensics and law, recreating incidents and crimes for investigators and attorneys
  • Advertising, illustrating products and services with sophisticated visual effects
  • Engineering, from design through production in fields that range from aerospace to manufacturing
  • Architecture and landscaping, visualizing buildings and outdoor areas
  • Business and government, from marketing and websites to employee training and presentations

Our students have found work in the following jobs:

Some of the Game Design Companies in the Area

The Game Design program at Richland Campus has strong relationships with our industry partners and always tries to keep up-to-date with the local Dallas job market by keeping tabs on all the current and new companies in the area. If there is a local company that you know of but do not see on this list, please email the ISGT department and let us know.

Gearbox Software logo

Gearbox Software
Frisco, TX

id Software  logo

id Software
Richardson, TX

Playful Corp logo

Playful Corp
McKinney, TX

X Cube Games logo

X Cube Games
Dallas, TX

ReelFX logo

Dallas, TX

Janimation logo

Dallas, TX

Brazen Animation logo

Brazen Animation
Dallas, TX

PolyKnight Games logo

PolyKnight Games
Dallas, TX

Triptych Games logo

Triptych Games
Plano, TX

3D Realms logo

3D Realms
Garland, TX

Nerve Software logo

Nerve Software
Richardson, TX

Game Circus logo

Game Circus
Addison, TX

Magic Leap logo

Magic Leap
Addison, TX

People Fun logo

People Fun
Richardson, TX

Egowall logo

Dallas, TX

Nerd Kingdom logo

Nerd Kingdom
Irving, TX

Groove Jones logo

Groove Jones
Dallas, TX

Rooster Teeth logo

Rooster Teeth
Austin, TX