Program Overview

T​he Health Professions Readiness program at El Centro will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities. Our faculty draw on their knowledge and experience to ensure student success.

Health Professions Readiness (HPR) courses prepare you for a rewarding health care career with the basic skills you'll need for other allied health care programs, plus the skills necessary to become a patient care technician and to successfully complete the National Healthcareer Association CPCT Assistant exam. 

Preparation for Other Allied Health Programs

If you are applying to an allied health or Nursing program, HPRS courses can give you a head start on the basic skills needed for your chosen program. (Note: this is a general summary only; contact us for complete eligibility guidelines.)

Health Professions Readiness courses are listed under the HPRS designation in the online catalog. For complete information, which include specific information on qualifications, application processes and deadlines, contact us for a Health Professions Readiness Awards (HPRA) information packet.

Patient Care Technician Certification

The skills taught in the HPR program are recognized as entry-level patient care skills by many hospitals and clinics. Completing the two HPR awards and passing the national credentialing exam qualifies you to become a patient care technician — an entry-level health care position requiring basic patient care skills that's also an excellent base for future medical fields. Each award can be completed in one semester and consists of three courses.

Successful completion of Dallas College's Patient Care Technician courses qualifies you to sit for the National Healthcareer Association CPCT Assistant exam. The NHA is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.