Program Outcomes

O​ccupational Therapy Program Outcomes

The total number of graduates from the Dallas College Occupational Therapy Assist​ant program during the 3-year period of 2020-2022 was 20, with an overall graduation rate of 71%.

Calendar YearNumber of Admitted StudentsNumber of GraduatesGraduation Rate
2022 10 4 40%
2020 9 8 89%
3-Year Total 28 20 71%
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NBCOT =​ National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy

Overall Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Dallas College Occupational Therapy Assistant program, students will meet the following objectives.

  • Students will acquire sufficient knowledge and skills to become a competent Occupational Therapist Assistant and be employable in an entry-level capacity in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • The curriculum presented to the student from this program will serve as a foundation and opportunity for the graduate to pursue high-level academia goals and aspirations to further study in the field of Occupational Therapy.
  • Upon completion of the program, the graduate can participate as an educated and contributing member with the community and the field of occupational therapy.

Program Goals:

  1. 100% of OTA faculty will be consistently rated as "Good" or above by students, as measured by the Student-Faculty Evaluation Survey.
  2. 80% of students will meet all course requirements in order to successfully progress from semester to semester.
  3. 80% of admitted students will successfully complete the program.
  4. 80% of students in all fieldwork experiences will pass on the first attempt.
  5. 80% of new graduates will rate the program satisfaction as "Satisfactory" or above, as measured by the Graduate Survey.
  6. 80% of new graduates will pass the National Board Certification Examination on their first attempt.
  7. 80% of new graduates will be employed in traditional or emerging practice areas six months post-graduation, as measured by the Graduate Survey.
  8. 80% of new graduates will be rated "Satisfactory" on job technical skills and workplace behaviors, as measured by the Employer Survey.