CT and VI Certificate Programs

​The Radiologic Sciences program offers two advanced certificate programs. Completion of the required classroom, lab and clinical components with a grade of C​ or above will result in a certificate in the related track. Students may choose not to take clinical courses if they have access to the experience on their own to achieve the ARRT procedural requirements.

Computed Tomography Certificate

The Computed Tomography certificate trains technologists to use radiation t​o produce cross-sectional images of a patient. The images are then used by a physician to make a diagnosis.

The certificate is a two-semester program that begins each Fall. Didactic classes are held on Mondays from 5–8:50 p.m. during both Fall and S​pring semesters. Clinical experience begins in late September each year and requires 24 clock-hours per week.

Vascular Interventional Certificate

The Vascular Interventional certificate trains VIR technologists to use radiation and advanced patient care skills to produce vascular images of a patient. The images are then used by a physician to make a diagnosis.

The certificate is a three-semester program that begins each F​all. Didactic classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5​–8:50 p.m. during Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Clinical experience is eight clock-hours per week in the Fall semester and 24 clock-hours per week in Spring and Summer.

Information Packet and How To Apply

Please contact us to receive the information packet for each certificate. To apply, send an email to vMartin@dcccd.edu with the subject line “application for CT” or “application for Vascular Interventional.” Please include your full name, Dallas College student ID number and phone number in your email. You will receive a response with instructions on how to complete the online application process.

Find information about gainful employment, program costs and placement rates for the Computed Tomography Advanced Technical certificate and Vascular Interventional Advanced Technical certificate.