Mission, Goals and Outcomes

P​rogram Mission

The mission of the Dallas College Radiologic Sciences program is to prepare students both academically and technically in the foundational principles of Radiologic Sciences. After completion of the program, the student will be able to competently, ethically and safely perform radiographic procedures and respond to a patient's needs while assuming a vital role in the patient's health care team.

Program Goals and Outcomes

The goals of the Brookhaven Radiologic Sciences program are as follows.

Goal 1: Students will demonstrate proper communication skills.

  • Students will explain radiographic procedures.
  • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Students will be able to determine the appropriate questions to obtain a patient history.

Goal 2: Students will competently and safely perform entry-level radiographic procedures.

  • Students will properly position patients for standard radiographic procedures.
  • Students will demonstrate appropriate radiation safety practices.
  • Students will set technical factors to produce diagnostic quality radiographic images.

Goal 3: Students will demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Students will critique radiographic images.
  • Students will adapt standard radiographic practices to varying clinical situations.

Goal 4: Students will demonstrate the importance of professional development and growth.

  • Students will demonstrate professional behavior.
  • Students will articulate the importance of membership in a professional organization.

Program Effectiveness Goal: The program will fulfill its mission by providing the community with qualified radiographers.

  • Graduates will pass the ARRT certification exam
  • Graduates will be employed within the community of interest.
  • Students will complete the program within 3 years of initial acceptance.