Transfer Information for Veterinary Technology Distance Learning Students

Students can transfer in both general education and (in some cases) veterinary technology/animal science courses.

Students utilizing financial aid must have their transcripts evaluated before they can be awarded aid. This process takes time, so we recommend submitting your transcripts the semester before you plan on attending in order to allow time for the evaluation and posting process. About two weeks after sending the transcripts, you must email to confirm their receipt and status in the process.

All official undergraduate transcripts must be submitted for evaluation, even if there is nothing on them that will transfer toward the degree.

Mail transcripts to:

Cedar Valley Admissions
3030 N. Dallas Ave.​
Lancaster, TX 75134

Veterinary Technology Course Transfer

If students have taken veterinary technology courses, they will need to apply to the college and program and then fax a copy of their transcript (with the vet tech or animal science courses) to Dr. Black at 972-698-3051. This will allow the courses to be unofficially evaluated so a determination on where to start can be made. Official transcripts must still be sent immediately so the official evaluation can occur.

Unofficial Evaluations

Due to the number of students who are new to the program each semester, we do not do unofficial evaluations on transcripts for general education courses, or for students who have not applied to the college and program.

Foreign Transcript Evaluations

All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a credentialing agency. View a list of agencies that perform foreign transcript evaluations.