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Why study Arabic?

Arabic is the sixth-most spoken​ language in the world and an official language in 26 countries.

Learn Arabic in order to join the huge community of Arabic speakers. Knowing Arabic will make exploring the Middle East and North Africa that much more enjoyable.

Arabic may also be your ticket to a good job. Proficient Arabic speakers are in high demand in government and industry.

If you don’t already speak a second language, learning Arabic will give your brain a boost. Research has demonstrated the cognitive benefits of bilingualism.

Course Offerings​

Dallas College offers beginning and intermediate Arabic courses.

Check the credit class schedule for current course availability.

The Core Curriculum

Arabic courses are part of the Dallas College Core Curriculum.

Ask your success coach whether you can incorporate Arabic courses into your degree plan.


If you are already proficient in Arabic and feel that you are ready to skip one or more levels, you may take a placement exam. The placement exam will be used only for placement. It will not give you credit for any courses skipped.

Before deciding whether or not to take a placement exam, please consult with your success coach.

Concurrent (Noncredit) Enrollment

If you'd like to take a college-level Arabic class but do not need college credit, you can take it “concurrently" for noncredit. A concurrent section may already exist on the Continuing Education (CE) schedule. Please contact a CE success coach if you have any questions.