Frequently Asked Questions About Guided Pathways

​​What is Guided Pathways to Success?

Guided Pathways to Success is a national initiative. It focuses on helping students successfully progress in college academic programs. With this initiative, new support structures and resources are being implemented to help students choose a career path and stay on track for successful completion of an associate degree or certificate and/or more seamlessly transfer to four-year colleges and into careers. Guided Pathways supports academic learning and college completion.

Why is Guided Pathways being implemented at Dallas College?

Guided Pathways to Success is being implemented to enhance the college experience and aid in the success of our students. Based on research and student feedback, we have identified a need to further develop a unified, institutionwide approach to student services. By simplifying processes for students and removing barriers to academic success, we hope to further enhance our college environment in a way that allows students to thrive.

What are career paths?

Dallas College programs are grouped together in seven different career paths. Each path includes multiple, related programs of study. These career paths allow Dallas College to create more effective tools and resources, such as guided pathways, to more effectively assi​​st students throughout their college careers.

What is a guided pathway?

A guided pathway is a one-page document students can print out and use to navigate college on a semester-by-semester basis. Guided pathways outline a clear route to complete a college credential and find employment. See your advisor and visit with your professor, along with your guided pathway, as you make pathway decisions.

Am I required to use a guided pathway?

Using a guided pathway is highly recommended, but not required. Guided pathways clearly outline program-specific requirements, which courses to take and when, key academic progression milestones and the learning outcomes of each program.

Where can I find a guided pathway?

To locate a specific pathway, start by visiting the Guided Pathways homepage at Once there, select your chosen career path. Remember, there are seven career paths to choose from.

Once you've chosen your career path, you'll see a listing of available guided pathways.

If a pathway is not listed for your program, please contact your advisor for assistance. Guided pathways are currently being developed for all Dallas College​ programs, with a goal of completion by the 2019-2020 academic year.