Current Honors Students

​​​As an Honors student, you get a number of benefits and opportunities that are exclusive. This page provides information on those benefits as well as updates on opportunities for you to be successful in your Honors Program journey.

Honors Program Lounge Locations

To access a lounge, please visit any of the locations, review and agree to the lounge contract, and then enjoy full access to the lounges as long as you’re an Honors student at Dallas College.

Each lounge offers quiet space, computers and group work areas. Special academic program staff are also available at each location to assist you in any way you may need.


The lounges are open Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  • Brookhaven: Building M, Room M129
  • Eastfield: Building G, Room G138
  • Richland: El Paso Hall, Room E055
  • North Lake: Building K, Room K216

Cedar Valley and Mountain View lounges are still in the planning phase.

Student Code of Conduct

The Dallas College Student Code of Conduct is in effect at all times at any Dallas College on-campus or campus activity or event. Violations of the Student Code of Conduct include cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination, illegal drug use, indecent conduct, physical harm, and scholastic dishonesty (among others).

Students that violate the Student Code of Conduct may be subject to removal from the Honors Program.

Honors Designations

To graduate with an Honors Certificate, you must:

  • complete nine hours of Honors course work at Dallas College
  • complete a minimum of three clock hours of approved cocurricular activities
  • complete three clock hours of extracurricular activities prior to graduation or transfer
  • have at least a 3.25 overall grade point average at the time of the award

If you earn the Honors Certificate, the letter “H” will be printed next to your name on the commencement program.

To graduate as an Honors Program Scholar, receive the Honors Scholar designation on your diploma and receive commencement regalia, you must:

  • complete a minimum of 15 hours of Honors coursework at Dallas College
  • complete a minimum of 10 clock hours of approved cocurricular activity
  • complete six clock hours of extracurricular activity prior to graduation or transfer
  • have a 3.25 overall grade point average at the time of the award

If you are an Honors Scholar, the letter “H” will be printed next to your name on the commencement program.

Ready To Graduate?

Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off, and you are ready for the next adventure.

If you have questions about graduation in regard to the Honors Program, email Honors staff at and request an Honors Program audit. We will inform you of your status.

Make sure that you have applied for graduation, and if you have questions, contact