Costs and Aid

​Expected Costs

  • Year 1: $6,200 (includes required computer device starting at $1,500)
  • Year 2: $4,700

The cost estimates above are for in-district students and include the cost of tuition at both Texas A&M University and Dallas College.

Financial Aid

Tuition and fees associated with the Texas A&M Engineering Academy program are handled separately by Dallas College and Texas A&M University. Students are billed by each institution based on the number of credit hours taken at each institution.

Students in the Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Dallas College are coded as non-degree seeking (NDS) at Texas A&M University while they are co-enrolled.

As such, students seeking to apply for financial aid will submit their FAFSA to their local college and apply for financial aid with their local college listed as their home institution.

As per the Engineering Academy agreement, the combined credit hours from both the local college and Texas A&M University will be used to assess enrollment status required for financial aid.