Distance/Online Learning Credit Class Schedules

​​​​​Dallas College offers one-stop convenience to students interested in taking classes online.

Distance/Online Learning classes:

  • Are internet-based.
  • May be part of a traditional semester or a Flex Term.
  • May be applied toward the completion of any degree.

Some degrees and certificates are now available ​completely online. Find out how to get started or learn more about online degrees and certificates.)

You can view Distance/Online Learning class schedules on the browsable class schedule by finding the semester you’re interested in and looking for 100% Online Classes or Scheduled​ Online under the semester header.

What is a Scheduled Online course?

A Scheduled Online course will include online course content, with required online lectures at scheduled dates and times. Online lectures will occur during the time indicated in the Browsable Class Schedule.

Students aren't required to go physically to the campus. Students are required to log into the course in real-time and attend with their instructor for the duration of the class.

You can also view the Online Learning class schedules by clicking on the semester you're interested in, and then clicking on one of the Distance Learning links under Special Terms and Topics on the right side of the page.

Screenshot of eConnect Browsable Class Schedules page. Link for 100% Online Classes is marked in red under browse classes by.