Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Education

​​​This degree will equip you for a career in education — whether your goal is to teach our earliest learners in early childhood centers or students in PK-12 public schools.

The launch of the new School of Education marks an exciting time for higher education throughout Dallas County and our state. As the first community college in the state of Texas approved to offer a bachelor’s degree, we have employer partnerships that provide a pipeline to employment for our students. That means more job opportunities for less tuition than completing your degree at a university.

How To Get Started

Ready to take the leap? Follow these steps to become eligible for the most affordable bachelor’s degree in the state of Texas.

New Students

To apply to the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education (B.A.S. ECE) program, you should:

  1. Students new to Dallas College should create your Apply Texas account.
  2. Once created, select Dallas College (under the Two-Year School tab).
  3. Once selected, it will ask you to confirm your school. Click confirm.
  4. Next, there is a drop-down menu where you select your major. Choose the bachelor's degree in Four-Year Degrees.

Current Students

Current students should connect with their success coach to complete a BAS ECE Program Acknowledgment Form.

Not quite ready? Check out our other pathways to teaching, like the Teacher Assistant program or Substitute Teacher certification.


For more information about registering, please contact AskSOE@dcccd.edu.


The most valuable experience I’ve had is the ability to interact with the teachers who are like me and have had my same experience as a Latina student. It gives me a lot of hope knowing I can provide for my family. There’s opportunity out there, and if I can do this, you can do it, too.”
Kimberly Argueta
Dallas College
School of Education student


Frequently Asked Questions

The BAS ECE is the first bachelor’s degree program in education offered by a community college in Texas. The BAS ECE is focused on preparing students to be day-one ready to teach young children from ages birth to third grade. The BAS ECE program recognizes the critical development that occurs for children in those early years, laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

Courses in the bachelor’s degree are available to students for the same cost per semester credit hour as our associate of arts programs. This makes our bachelor’s degree one of the most affordable in Texas.


Yes. This pathway is for students who have not previously attended an institution of higher education.

We have entry points available for Dallas College transfer applicants and transfer applicants from other institutions.

Students in existing Dallas College programs of study are encouraged to apply once they have completed the Texas Core Curriculum (42SCH). We suggest reaching out to your academic advisor for individual guidance on the process.

Most students entering the program without any previous college credit will complete the program in four years. Students begin taking courses at the School of Education in their first year.

The BAS ECE program requires 48 advanced semester credit hours (120 semester credit hours in total). Forty-two of these hours must be completed at Dallas College. Most current or former Dallas College students entering the bachelor’s degree program through this pathway will complete the degree in two or three years.


Students who are wanting to apply to the BAS ECE program should first create their Apply Texas account. Once created, you will:

  • Select Dallas College (under the Two-Year School) tab
  • Once you select that, it will ask you to confirm your school — click Confirm
  • Next there is a drop-down menu where you select your Major: you will choose the bachelor’s degree in Four Year Degrees

Note: Then you will continue with the remainder of the application.


Students are assigned an academic advisor upon acceptance into the BAS ECE program. The academic advisor supports students in successfully completing program requirements. Students meet with their academic advisor virtually or in person at least once per term after enrolling in upper-level courses.

Currently our academic advisors are supporting students as assigned below.

Academic AdvisorStudent Last NameEmail
Laura AhumadaA-F lahumada@dcccd.edu
LeAnn AkinsG-O leannakins@dcccd.edu
Viktoriya AlmazanP-Z valmazan@dcccd.edu

Students who will attend the BAS ECE program full-time (recommended) should expect to take the following courses:

  • EDEL 3318 Methods of Teaching Elementary Geometry
  • EDEL 4301 Methods of Teaching Social Studies
  • EDTP 3301 Foundations of Inclusion and Differentiation for Special Populations
  • EDEC 3301 Supervised Experiences with Infants and Toddlers
  • EDLL 3301 Language and Literacy Acquisition
  • *15 hours

Students who will attend the BAS ECE program part-time should expect to meet with their Success Coach to discuss options. We suggest starting with the following courses:

  • EDEL 3318 Methods of Teaching Elementary Geometry
  • EDTP 3301 Foundations of Inclusion and Differentiation for Special Populations
  • EDLL 3301 Language and Literacy Acquisition
  • *9 hours

Student must successfully complete the Texas Core Curriculum (42SCH) and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to enroll in upper-level coursework. Every student will also need to meet with their academic advisor to gain approval to register for upper-level coursework. All student records will be reviewed on an individual and ongoing basis to provide the best support to our students.

We are here to help. Please contact us via email at AskSOE@dcccd.edu or by phone at 214-378-1663.