​​​Earn a new credential designed to prepare Dallas College students for their career journeys.

The Future of Work Institute will help prepare students to navigate future careers and be leaders in our rapidly changing world.


Why should you participate in the Future of Work Institute?

  • Understand your role in the FoW and equip yourself with a competitive advantage to discuss and innovate in the work, workforce, and workplace of the future
  • Learn skills to navigate the future workforce and refresh your skills for new career opportunities
  • Connect with Institute peers and expand your professional network with other higher education institutions nationwide as you begin or continue your career
  • Become a forward thinker with the skills required to navigate future organizations you will join

Bootcamp Overview

1 Day Bootcamp (In-person session on Friday)

Upcoming Dates

Friday, Feb. 24 - Registration is open

Read more about Deloitte and the FoW. Questions? Please contact Paul Oñate