About Classes

The Emeritus Program schedule consists of both Continuing Education and Credit classes.

Continuing Education Classes

Continuing Education classes are offered at a low cost to students for continued learning and informational purposes. There is no homework, no grades given, and shorter period of time in class. The Senior Tuition Waiver does not apply to Continuing Education classes. The CE browsable schedule lists Emeritus-specific courses under the category "Emeritus & 55+ Education Programs".

Credit Program Classes

We offer a slate of credit classes that are designed exclusively for Emeritus students where typically no students outside of the Emeritus population are enrolled. Emeritus students can also enroll in credit classes that are offered to degree-seeking students of all ages. Requirements for success in these classes are that of a standard college class: homework, particip​ation, grades are given, etc. The Senior Adult credit classes are listed under "Special Topics" classes on the Credit Course Browsable Schedule.

The Senior Tuition Waiver offered by the State of Texas to encourage continuing learning of our seniors applies only to credit classes, if the criteria is met by the student. For students under 65 years of age, the standard tuition rates apply for credit classes.