Senior Adult Programs (Emeritus)

W​hat is Emeritus?

While older adults can enroll in any of Dallas College’s 11,000 courses per semester, the Emeritus Program was designed to promote the life-long learning of our ​55+ community through a range of specific academic and personal enrichment courses that are customized just for older adults.

65+ Tuition Exemption

Dallas County residents who are 65 or older are eligible for a tuition exemption for up to 6 college credits per semester. That’s six college credits* for free, each semester**!

Learn more about the tuition waiver.

Interested in the Dallas College Emeritus program?

If you are interested in receiving more information, or want to receive our Emeritus updates by email please fill out the following form. You will be contacted by a staff member within the next several busines​s days.

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Based on my and other seniors’ beneficial experiences with participation in the program, we are motivated to have a lifelong focus of staying physically, mentally, socially and structurally engaged in the community college.” Read Robert's story.
Photo of Robert Barretto
Robert Barretto
Emeritus Student


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*Tuition exemption is for credit-courses only. Some emeritus continuing education courses may require a fee.

** Spring and May-Term, Fall and Winter-Term, or Summer semesters.