Senior Tuition Waiver for Students 65 and Over

​​​Everything you need to know about Senior Tuition Waivers

Tuition Waivers are for Senior Adult/Emeritus students wishing to take credit classes for free. The tuition waiver covers up to six credit hours per semester.

Who qualifies?

  • You must be 65 at time of registration, not on the first day of class.
  • You must have lived in Texas for 12 months.
  • You must currently live in Dallas County with proof of residency.

How do I apply?

  • Apply online, by email, mail or fax, or stop by our office on campus. If you apply in any way other than in person, you must notify us.
  • If you have attended any college or university in the past, you will also need to complete a Transcript Waiver. Please call or email us for more information.

Can I apply online?

Yes! You can apply directly online, print the documents and then email them to us, or bring them to our offices.

What paperwork or documentation do I need?

You will need a copy of a photo ID. (If you come in person, we can make a copy.)

Do I have to go through the application process every semester?

No. But if you have not been enrolled in a credit class for 12 months, you will need to re-apply.

How do I know which classes qualify?

In the online class ​schedule, you will see some credit classes that are designed specifically for seniors. However, the Senior Tuition Waiver applies to any credit class offered at Dallas College.

How do I know how many credit hours a class is?

In the online class schedule, the number of credit hours is listed for each class. Credit classes typically vary from one to four credit hours. There are no printed credit class schedules.

What if a class has more than the six credit hours that are waived?

You pay the difference.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Contact someone at your ca​mpus for more information.